Hillary Curtis Announces Plan To Build Wall Around MVHS

Posted: October 5, 2016

At a political rally on Monday, James M. Hill President Hillary Curtis sent shockwaves through the school after assessing “MVHS has taken advantage of this school for far too long.

“They keep tracking in water from that pool. Unacceptable,” she proclaimed, then announcing a plan to build “The biggest stinkin’ wall the river has ever seen.”

The statements have resulted in both support and infuriation from the JMH populous.

“I like it. I never thought about it before, but man, imagine that. A wall. What’s cooler than a wall?” opines a grade 12 student.

“We’ve got all the best stuff. The coolest stuff. We’ve got water fountains with bottle refill spouts. We’ve got a big theatre. A real big theatre. Huge theatre,” proclaims Curtis.

The rally has resulted in outcry and a movement at MVHS to “Just Get Along Again”.