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JMH Attendance Incentive Program PDF icon jmh_attendance_incentive_program_2013-14.pdf Sep 30, 2013
Vaccinations for Students in Grade 7 & 9 (English) PDF icon do_you_have_a_child_who_will_be_in_grade_7_or_grade_9_next_year.pdf Apr 14, 2014
High School Q&A ASD-N

Parents and students, please see the attaached document regarding High School Credits and other matters. 

PDF icon q_and_a_credits.pdf Apr 20, 2020
Teacher Advisor Program 2011 - 2012 PDF icon teacher_advisor_program_2011-2012.pdf Sep 22, 2011
A Message from the Department of Education PDF icon dm_letter_to_parents_guardians_may_19_2020_covid-19.pdf May 20, 2020
Memo to Parents from EECD PDF icon 2019-2020_school_year_parents_memo.pdf May 29, 2020
20th Annual Miramichi Hoop Classic PDF icon hoop_classic_schedule_-_2012.pdf Nov 15, 2012
Grad Newsletter March 2015 PDF icon grad_newsletter_march_2015.pdf Mar 24, 2015
UNB Open House PDF icon UNB_Open_House_Flyer_rev2.pdf Nov 23, 2009
Student Room Assignment for Study Block: Oct 18 - Nov 4 PDF icon student_room_assignments_oct18-nov4.pdf Oct 18, 2010
ASD-N Fair Warning Letter PDF icon fair_warning_letter.pdf Sep 26, 2013
Post Secondary information for Grade 12 students PDF icon post-secondary_information_for_grade_12_final_april_2020_1.pdf Apr 27, 2020
Graduation Bulletin June 2011 PDF icon grad_newsletter_june_2011.pdf Jun 8, 2011
ELPA Information

Some of our students will be receiving feedback on the ELPA (English Language Proficency Assessment) when they receive their report card tomorrow.  However, like most things this year, things will be a little different than other years.  To help parents and students understand this our English department has provided a helpful guide for you to understand your feedback. Please see the attached document for more details. 

File english_language_proficiency_results_are_in.docx Jun 18, 2020
Study Block Room Assignments Sept. 24 - Oct 12, 2012 PDF icon study_block_room_assignments_sept_24_-_oct_12.pdf Sep 24, 2012
NBIAA Northeast Regional Hockey Championships PDF icon nbiaa_northeast_regional_hockey_championships.pdf Mar 10, 2015
Cultural Exchange Opportunity At James M. Hill PDF icon Colegio_Mexico_Exchange_Nov_13_2010_1.pdf Nov 17, 2009
June 2013 Final Examination Schedule Please note that exam conflicts for students will be dealt with on an individual basis. PDF icon exam_schedule_june_2013.pdf Jun 5, 2013
Grad Newsletter March 2014 PDF icon grad_newsletter_march_2014.pdf Mar 25, 2014
Entrance to Public Schools- Procedures and Guidelines PDF icon entrance_to_public_schools_procedures_and_guidelines.pdf Apr 28, 2020


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