Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship DUE: June 10, 2020

Posted: April 3, 2020

For students entering a program in agriculture, food science and culinary programs of study. 

Up to sixty-five (65) scholarships will be available at the bachelor or diploma level. These scholarships are valued at $1,500 CAD, tenable for one academic year.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status in Canada as of the application deadline date. Be planning to enter in full time studies in a first-year bachelor degree or diploma program.
  • There is no minimum cumulative average required*. Non-academic courses such as career or personal development related courses will not be considered. *Universities Canada’s policy on calculation of average has been developed in consultation with university and college admissions and financial aid officers from across the country. There is enormous diversity amongst the applicants for this scholarship program. The applicants come from different geographical regions and have reached various levels of studies. Furthermore, and of great significance, is the fact that the grading systems differ among educational institutions. It is Universities Canada’s policy to calculate the academic average of applicants so that it reflects an academically well-rounded individual, while recognizing the differences in the programs of study. For this purpose, the most recent, followed by the highest available grades of four courses will be considered. In the case of high school transcripts, the following categories will be considered: Language, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Sciences. Six courses are chosen for each applicant, with no more than two in each category. If there are not enough available courses, the calculation of academic average may be based on four or five courses.


Eligible institutions:

Canadian educational institutions which have recognized degree/diploma-granting powers, or their affiliates (e.g. universities, colleges/CEGEPs -technical diploma).

Field of Study/Program Requirements

  • Restricted to agriculture, food science and culinary programs of studies as accepted by Bayer Fund.
  • Program must be of a minimum two-year duration.
  • University preparatory programs in any jurisdiction are not eligible (e.g. CEGEPs -pre-university diploma).Conditions /Restrictions Conditions / Restrictions
  • Students who have commenced their post-secondary studies in January are eligible for the summer competition of the same year.
  • Students must use the scholarship in the academic year for which it is awarded.