IWK Research Scholarship - April 1 deadline

Posted: March 16, 2016

Deadline - April 1, 2016


IWK Research Services is proud to announce that we will be offering a new scholarship to Maritime students. 


To be considered for one of three Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarships, grade 12 students in the Maritimes must intend on continuing their education at a Maritime post-secondary institution (college or university) in a field that will enhance research and/or innovation in health care.

Awards will be issued as follows:

  • One in Nova Scotia
  • One in New Brunswick
  • One in Prince Edward Island

The scoring criteria are a follows

  • Essay - 50%
  • Letters of Reference - 25%
  • Transcripts - 25%


Students must write an essay (3 pages max, double spaced, 12 point font) demonstrating their interest in research and/or innovation in health care and how it will improve the health and well being of children, women or families in the Maritimes. Students must provide one academic and one character letter of reference. Lastly students must provide their academic stranscripts and have a minimum average of 75%

Apply to the Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship 

Applications can be submitted to:

IWK Health Centre
5850/5980 University Ave
Halifax, NS    B3K 6R8
Attention Denise DesLauriers, Research Services

For more information, phone  902.470.7548 or email  denise.deslauriers@iwk.nshealth.ca

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