Scholarship Applications

Posted: April 4, 2016

There are two different types of scholarship applications:

Internal scholarships (green form): This is ONE application for approximately 35 different scholarships that are selected by an internal committee at James M. Hill. Students will check off the scholarships that they qualify for and only submit additional information when a specific scholarship requests it. Transcripts are printed for these at the office so there is no need to request one. This document is copied on green paper in the guidance office and must be picked up there. Please note: DO NOT PUT THESE APPLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS IN ENVELOPES! Simply give it to the office and it will be filed until the selection committee meets. Here is a copy of the internal application (do not print, pick it up in the guidance department):


External Scholarships (found alphabetically in the filing cabinet): These are all separate scholarships which have different deadlines and request different information depending on the award. There is a printable list (attached - but also available in the guidance department) which lists the criteria for each separate application. Look at the scholarships you qualify for and take only those applications. Each separate application will have instructions on what to send and where to send it but there are a few on this list which are turned into the office at James M. Hill (ie. the Scott Bowes Memorial Scholarship).

Any scholarships that become available from now on will be posted to this site AND emailed to the 2016 Grad list.