St. Michael's Basilica Catholic Women's League Bursary - DUE: May 15th

Posted: April 28, 2020

$300.00 Bursary with preference given to children or grandchildren of a member of St. Michael’s Basilica Catholic Women's League

Please submit the above to the St. Michael’s Basilica Parish Office by MAY 15th

10 Howard Street, Miramichi NB E1N 0C4  OR email to: 

Required with this form are the following

  1. A letter for the applicant stating need for bursary.
  2. A transcript of marks
  3. Reference letter from the Principal or a teacher


Note: In selecting the candidate, emphasis will be placed on the following criteria:

  1. Financial need
  2. Satisfactory scholastic achievement
  3. Attention to religious duties


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