Friday, May 27th

Posted: May 27, 2011

Hi Folks! Happy Friday!Period 2 - Math 9We began our Probability unit yesterday (Experimental & Theoretical Probability, Subjective Judgement). You worked on questions from the book in class today. We will go over these questions on Monday and continue with the next section of the unit! Period 4 - English 10The draft of your Research Essay (Rubin Carter) is due on Monday at the beginning of class. We will be completing Peer & Self-Evaluations of your drafts in class and get your essay ready for the final copy. The final copy of your essay is due Wednesday, June 1st! Period 6 - English 10Today, you started working on a character sketch of a character from The Journey Home. You will continue working on that on Monday and it will be due at the end of class. We will then be finishing the book and preparing for a test. Your test on the novel will be Friday, June 3rd.