May 24th, 2016

Posted: May 24, 2016

Hospitaltiy & Tourism

This week, you will be assigned your last big assignment for the semester.

The assignment will have you using everythig you have done over the semester to plan a trip for someone outside of the class (teacher, parent, friend,etc.). You will have to ake into account many factors that you have become aware of throughout the semester completing your assignments.

Your first task is to come up with questions that you will have to ask your client. Use your previous assignments as referneces what questions you might ask and what information you will need to know in order to plan a trip that will be in his/her best interest. In class today, please come up with a minimum of 15-20 questions that will need to be asked when planning a trip for your client. Save the questions as a word document and e-mail them to me as per usual! :)