Monday, March 14th

Posted: March 14, 2016

Internet Research Assignment


This assignment will allow you to do three things:  research a city that you have never visited; use most of the components a tourist would use; and check out how another city uses the web to effectively sell itself.


Choose a city in Canada that you have never visited and find its website.  Then answer the following questions:


1.         What mode of transportation might you use to get there? How much will it cost to go there and back? (Consider getting to the airport as well)




2.       Choose a high-end hotel for a 3-night stay.  How much will it cost? What features are available to you at the hotel?




3.       Choose 3 different restaurants to eat in.  Did their websites help you make your

decision?  Why?




4.       Choose 2 attractions to visit and give a brief description of each one.




5.       Find one of the city’s upcoming events and provide a brief description of it.




6.       If you were looking for some outdoor recreation, what is available in or nearby the city that would provide you with exercise?




Value:  20




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