Monday, October 24th

Posted: October 24, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today, we started looking at surface area and did an activity with 3D objects. The notes from today's class are attached. No homework for tonight.   Period 3 & 4 - Culinary Tech 110 Your work schedule for this week is attached. Make sure you take note of your lunch duties!!!   Period 6 - English 112 Today, we finished up The Lottery. Please complete 3 of the following questions (must be answered in paragraph form!): Of course such lotteries have never existed. Therefore the story must be presenting some sort of message. For example, it might be a satire of religious rituals in modern times. Or it may be a commentary on the fragility of family loyalties. What other possibilities occur to you? Which can be best supported by evidence within the text? The lottery is run by two men named Graves and Summers. What significance can you see in the choice of names? Do any other names in the story have interesting connotations? Trace the changes in Tessie Hutchinson’s attitude in the course of the story. What do these changes suggest about a possible theme for the story? The story is full of details about small-town life, for example, the children’s play before the lottery begins. What other details suggest a peaceful rural setting? Describe the contrast between the setting and characters and the plot.