Eng 112 periods 1,2,3 and 4!

Posted: February 15, 2017

2nd way to deconstruct children’s books!


i. From whose perspective is the story told? How might the story change if it were told from the perspective of: a) the wolf? b) the grandmother? c) the mother? d) the woodsman/huntsman? FOR THE BOOK YOU CHOOSE APPLY THIS TO ALL OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS
ii. Who are the privileged characters in the story? What makes them so?
iii. Who is marginalized? How?
iv. What ideologies/biases are in place? How do these affect the outcome of the story?
v. Note the gender roles in the story. What roles do they play in the development of the plot? What message could they be portraying? What might these roles reflect upon the values of the society in which this story is published?
vi. How do the illustrations impact the reader? What messages are the styles/colours, etc. sending to the reader?