Eng 112 periods 1,2,3 and 4

Posted: April 6, 2017

Eng 112 Semester 2 Independent Novel Study Due Monday April 10.


How would you compare this selection with a previous reading?


What character did you like most? Why? The least and why?


Which traits of the characters in this selection did you find most like

you? Least like you?


If you owned a bookstore, would you stock this selection? How would

you promote the sale of it to your customers?

Talk about your impression of the author. What type of person do you

think the author might be? Why?


What is the theme of the selection? How can you apply the theme to

your own life?


If you were asked to do a press conference about the selection, what

information would you share with reporters?


What advice would you give each of the characters?


If this story were made into a movie, how would you cast the



If this story were made into a movie or television show, how would the

story need to be changed?


What’s the main idea?


What is the most interesting part of the story?


Did you find the story predictable? Why or why not?


Describe your overall feelings after reading the selection.

What story passage was most helpful in understanding the author’s

main idea?


Discuss the characters and how they were depicted within the

selection. What is your impression of them?


What is your overall opinion of the selection? Would you encourage

someone else to read it? Why or Why not

How would you describe the author’s style of writing?


What did you learn from the author?


What features of this author’s writing might you incorporate in your

own writing?