Writng 110

Posted: June 3, 2016

Pitching a New Character

Stories centre around characters who are usually confronted with a problem or a complication (conflict).

Your Assignment: You are a screenwriter for a popular movie series or television show. You have to come up with a new character for the show/movie. Or you have to "transform" a current character or a returning character. You can decide which show or movie it is. You have to "pitch" this idea to the producer. The producer will be the rest of the class. In other words, you have to sell your idea and convince the producer that this new character will enhance the show.

Alternatively, you can also create a pitch for a character who will be in a novel or game.


You will place your pitch in Google Presentations
In your "pitch" include the following: The name of the show/movie and the name of the new character. Consider the following in your pitch (each of these points can be a slide or page in your presentation):

  • What is this character like? What are his/her characteristics. You want to bring this character to life as much as possible for your pitch.
  • What does this character look like? What are his/her physical attributes?
  • What will be the character's complication or problem?
  • What will his/her relationship be to the other characters in the show/movie?
  • What conflicts will arise and with whom/what?
  • What will the character add for the audience? Suspense? Romance? Humour? How will he/she enhance the show?
  • Which actors or actresses should be considered to play this character? Explain why.
  • Also include a creative title.

Remember, this is a pitch, so you are "selling" your idea - persuasion and conviction are necessary. Consider also adding images or sounds to your presentation.


The Rubric

  • The presenter was effective in bringing the character to life for the producers.
  • The characteristics presented for the new character are compelling and convincing.
  • The conflict created for the new character will blend effectively with the story line and other characters.
  • The actor/actress chosen to play this character would be well suited for the role.
  • The overall presentation offered a very strong pitch for the producers to seriously consider.