Schedule for this Week: Oct. 1st to 5th

Posted: October 2, 2018

Journalism 1 & 2:

Announcements are up and running. Everyone should be working on their weekly articles. Logins will be provided to you shortly for the school website. On Wednesday, schedules will be up for Podcast and Video assignments. Make sure you sign up for your due dates!

World Issues:

Monday we will have our "WRED" talk. Tuesday we will watch "Invisible Children". Wednesday we will discuss the film, discuss WRED, and show you the room. Thursday we will have an introduction to the World Health Organization. Friday, Map Test: Middle East Part II, we will also compete in a mystery diagnosis challenge.


Monday, Miramichi Mill closures, video, and we'll discuss how Miramichi has changed since. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be watching the film "Roger & Me" by Michael Moore. Your assignment is to compare the factory closures in Flint, Michigan to the Mill closures in Miramichi. Effects on the city? Law? Cleaniness? Healthcare? Homelessness? Etc. Friday you will have a day to work on your assignment.