English 11 Period 6

Posted: September 13, 2017

Tuesday, we started off our unit on analyzing how serial killers are portrayed in the media, by considering Stephen King's essay called " Why we Crave Horror Movies."  If you missed it, I have posted it below; give it a read, and narrow it down to what you think is the most important passage.

Wednesday, we discussed the article of the week by highlighting the pros and cons of reading opinion pieces.  Then, we started developing a definition of "serial killer."   To start, we all wrote a short paragraph of what our perceptions of a serial killer are.  Next we analyzed an infographic (link is below), and viewed a TED Talk by a neuroscientist who studies the brains of serial killers.  During these, students took notes with the intention of refining their definitions.  

Microsoft Office document icon 101-example_king_horrormovies.doc29 KB