Feb 12, 2018

Posted: February 12, 2018


Biology 112

Students worked on questions assigned from the textbook.

1.  Read pages 8 and 9.  Define the highlighted terms.

2.  Listed the five steps to Designing an Experiment, using p. 8 - 10.

We reviewed the definitions together.

Students completed a worksheet to review the material from class.

Students will continue to work on their foldables in class tomorrow.

Test on Spontaneous Generation, Scientists and Scientific Method-Friday Feb 16, 2018

ES 120

Students watched a video regarding the human impact on the environment.

We discussed notes together regarding environmental problems

Students were given a crossword to review the information from class.

Chemistry 112

Students reviewed questions on Page 52 20-27.

We reviewed the groups of the periodic table and used a copy of the periodic table to represent groups by colouring.

Mini Quiz on Wednesday Feb 14, 2018