April 25th English 10

Posted: April 25, 2013

Read Chapter 14.  Questions from Part One  and chapters 12 and 13 are due on Monday: chapters 2-13 Questions from class today: Chapters 12-13 PERIOD 2 questions: 1. Why do you think Lula reacted so badly towards Scout and Jem when Calpurnia brought them to church? 2. Can you as a reader relate your life to Calpurnia's life? Do you act differently around different people such as friends and family? 3. When they go to the church what do they ask Culpurnia? DO you think this is appropriate to ask? 4. What choice would you have made if Aunt Alexandra stayed over for the summer? and why? Explain   PERIOD 3 QUESTIONS 1. How are girls treated differently than boys during this time period?  Why do you think this is so? 2. What is the other side of Calpurnia, as witnessed by Scout at church?  Why are both sides necessary for Calpurnia? 3. Is Aunt Alexandria racist? Support your answer. 4. 4. Answer the qustion you have developed in class.  If you were not in class please develop a higher thinking question from chapters 12-13 and answer the question as wel