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**please note - the Assumption Life scholarship applications are ONLINE and the Lorraine LeBlanc is attached.​**

Please note that Assumption Foundation continues to offer scholarships to graduates that plan to pursue post-secondary studies. We would appreciate you informing your students of these scholarships.

In order to be eligible for a $1,500 scholarship, a student must have a grade point average of at least 70% for the last completed school year. He/she must be enrolled at a college or university as of September 2021 and be in need of financial assistance to pursue his/her studies.


All applications for this scholarship must be submitted electronically. Interested students can fill out an electronic form by visiting our Web site at Please note that the deadline to apply is April 30, 2021.




Volunteer Miramichi Inc. is pleased to offer a Bursary to a high school student enrolled in a post-secondary program in the Fall of 2021.
This $500 bursary will reward a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the community, without any monetary reward. The recipient will be selected on the basis of volunteer experience and academic standing.
To qualify, student must:
• Be actively committed to volunteerism; outside of school and have a record from the organization presented with their bursary application.
• Be enrolled in a post-secondary program during the 2021-2022 academic year.
• Have a written specific circumstance, telling of a volunteer experience they have encountered.
• Have a letter of recommendation from high school Principal, Guidance Counsellor, or Teacher.
The deadline to submit applications is May 7th, 2021. You can email your application along with ALL of the required documents to or mail to:
Volunteer Miramichi Inc.
Attn: Sarah Hunter – Volunteer Coordinator
267 King George Highway
Miramichi, NB
E1V 1L1
Students applying MUST have a Copy and paste the link below to first create an account and THEN apply for the scholarship:
create account: 
Make account: myBlueprint
Apply: myBlueprint
Sometimes it’s nice to have something just for you… or at least just for your students.

That is why we’ve teamed up with the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick to offer two (2) x $750 scholarships just for students in New Brunswick. Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick helps service and empower diverse Co-operative businesses in New Brunswick.

These scholarships are open to all grade 12 students in New Brunswick and applying is easy through myBlueprint. Students simply enter the draw from the Scholarships tab in their myBlueprint account or can visit this link (login required).
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the student eligibility requirements?
Any grade 12 student in your schools can enter by visiting this link (login required). Ten (10) Finalists will be selected from all entries. Finalists will be required to complete an Application Form with questions provided by the Scholarship Sponsor.

What do I do if I’m a student and I don’t have a myBlueprint account?
If you are a student and your school is registered with myBlueprint and you don’t have an account, ask your guidance counsellor or teacher for sign up instructions.

How will students receive the money?
Scholarships will be paid directly to post-secondary institutions upon receipt of proof of enrollment by the winning students.

When is the deadline for entry? 
Students must enter the scholarship draw before the deadline on May 14, 2021.

How will the winning students be selected?
Ten (10) Finalists will be selected from all entries. Application Forms from the Finalists will be judged by myBlueprint and the Scholarship Sponsor to select winners.

How will the winning students be notified?
Winning students will be notified by email to the email address they used to register their myBlueprint account.

Do students need a myBlueprint account to apply to these scholarships?
Yes. If you are a student and don’t have a myBlueprint account, ask your teacher or counsellor for sign up instructions. If your school isn’t registered with myBlueprint, have your school counsellor or principal reach out to for more information.

How will Grade 12 students be made aware of the Co-operatives scholarship award?
Grade 12 students will have access to the scholarship directly within the Scholarship section of their myBlueprint account.

Where can teachers find information to share with students about co-operatives?
Students have access to a brand new guide titled "Working for co-operatives" where they can explore why co-ops are a great career choice! The guide can be accessed in their myBlueprint account from the Guides section in the left-hand navigation menu.

**This was posted on the JMH 2021 Grad Class Teams site on Feb. 26th **


One scholarship per region valued at $1000 each are available annually for full time attendance at a Post-Secondary Institution, University or Community College 


Those eligible are:  


1. Union members in good standing with CUPE Local   



2. Sons, daughters or legal wards of members in 

    good standing of CUPE Local 2745 

    Documentation may be requested 


Basis of awards: Consideration will be given to reflection paper, marks, financial need and aptitude. 



Applications must be completed on the current form and must be post marked on or before April 30th, 2021. 

File scholarship_form_cupe_2745_2021.docx80.13 KB
**This was posted on the JMH 2021 Grad Class Teams site on Feb. 26th **

 Preference given to sons/daughters of CUPE 3863 Members (All others are still encouraged to apply)

**This was posted on the JMH 2021 Grad Class Teams site on Feb. 26th **

The Mary Majka Scholarship Fund was established with the intent to further youth engagement with nature and our natural heritage.  This scholarship is open to New Brunswick students from middle school to those attending an undergraduate program. Awards will be granted on a yearly basis ranging from $250 to $1000. Deadline is March 31st.


Three types of scholarships are available:

 1. High School graduate, upon entering an appropriate post-secondary education program
 2. Post-secondary student who is already enrolled in an appropriate field of study; or
 3.  Any student at middle or high school for a project that is deemed appropriate according to the original mandate of the scholarship fund. 

More information (and application form) is available on our website:



This can be mailed or emailed to:

Nature NB

61 rue Carleton Suite 3

Fredericton, N.B.

E3B 3T2

**This was posted on the JMH 2021 Grad Class Teams site on Feb. 26th **

This $1000 Entrance Scholarship is for any student applying to NBCC, NBCCD or CCNB (known as NB Public Colleges). See the attached form or their website The NBCC Foundation Inc. - La Fondation du CCNB Inc. to complete the application.

The Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick Inc. offers a $500.00 bursary to a high school graduate who is entering University or College - preference given to a student enrolled in one of the Social Sciences.

See attached application and brochure





























To assist a deserving female student to pursue further studies or training at a recognized post-secondary institution


 Submit by either email:       OR regular mail: by May 29th, 2020             


                                       Attn: Nancy Lordon Memorial Scholarship


63 Howard St.


Miramichi, NB E1N 1V7


 Recipient will be selected by: Nancy Lordon Memorial Scholarship Committee




  • Must demonstrate leadership skills
  • Successful graduation from James M. Hill
  • Minimum of two years at this high school
  • Applicant must have applied to a post-secondary institution

Based on need, marks, and participation in school and community

**Applicants MUST HAVE attended Miramichi Rural School for at least ONE year and be attending post-secondary (college/university)**


Value:  $2000

Submit by mail to: 

Loisanne Gregan (Rev. Douglas Smith Scholarship)

325 Hardwicke Rd. 

Hardwicke, NB 

E9A 1L5 

 OR email to: Rev. Douglas Smith Scholarship in the subject line)ator before noon: May 22nd  

Recipient will be selected by: Rev. Douglas Smith Scholarship Committee


  1.  Must be a JMH graduate.
  2.  Must have attended Miramichi Rural School.
  3. Applicant must be pursuing a Post Secondary Education Program.
  4. Based on a) academic achievement (attach current transcript of marks), b) effort and c) need


All internal scholarship applications are due by 4pm on Friday, May 22nd 2020. Please refer to the JMH Internal Scholarship Descriptions 2020 attached to this email and found on the Guidance tab of the JMH webpage for detailed information on each scholarship.  ​
For any scholarships that require reference letters (Silver Link Rebecca Lodge #61 Bursary, Viscount Bennett Scholarship, Silver Link Rebecca Lodge #61 Prize or the Jennie Shirreff Scholarship you may scan and email the letters or have them emailed directly by your referee to
For any scholarships that request an essay to be attached, there is space to copy and paste these essays ON the online form.







Bee - A – Friend Scholarship


$250.00 Value – DUE: May 22nd, 2020


This scholarship is to honour the memory of Holly Moffatt a 2018 graduate of JMH.


Holly Moffatt was a bright, open- minded, positive, one- in- a million kind of person. She attended James. M. Hill Memorial High School for four years and was a part of the 2018 graduating class. Holly knew no strangers because to her everyone was a friend, whether she had met you once or had known you for years. She had this incredible ability to sense when someone needed a friend and she would be that friend; it was as if she had found you. As a close friend of Holly’s, I can say without a doubt everyone who had the pleasure of being her friend was blessed in many ways. You never had to worry about being alone if Holly was there because she would be the first person to invite you to join her group. She was a bright light at James. M. Hill that could brighten anyone’s day with her smile, encouraging word, or her compliments. Holly was an advocate for mental health awareness and was looking forward to becoming a child psychologist, so she could help others. Holly was a bagel lover, a bee enthusiast, and a true friend. Holly passed away May 21st, 2018 and is dearly missed. To honour her memory and her vibrant personality this scholarship valued at $250 will be given to a grade 12 student who:


           Is in a position to graduate


           Helps to create a positive and welcoming environment at James. M. Hill


           Has attended James. M. Hill for 4 years


           Has plans to attend college or university


Along with meeting the above requirements applicants must submit one (1) reference letter from a staff member at JMH and an essay with a maximum of 250 words. The essay should describe why they think they deserve this scholarship by including how they contribute to making a positive and welcoming environment at JMH. Whether it be an individual effort or as part of a club, some examples include, contributing to mental health initiatives, doing good deeds at JMH, doing random acts of kindness at JMH, reaching out to others within the school.


Please attach both your reference letter and essay and send an email to


$1000.00 Scholarship DUE on May 20th


Johannes Bosma is a retired Miramichi Area teacher and the author of "Miramichi Lads & Ladies" a book in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. 



Applicants are asked to write an essay related to the remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and way of life, 

their choice of length, with this title:



“Why We Should Remember”



Post or email to: J. Bosma  27 Golden Hawk Drive Miramichi, NB E1N 3J2

or email:

**Note: there are two files attached, a printable PDF file for mailed applications and a Microsoft Word .DOC that can be edited with information, saved and emailed **


$300.00 Bursary with preference given to children or grandchildren of a member of St. Michael’s Basilica Catholic Women's League

Please submit the above to the St. Michael’s Basilica Parish Office by MAY 15th

10 Howard Street, Miramichi NB E1N 0C4  OR email to: 

Required with this form are the following

  1. A letter for the applicant stating need for bursary.
  2. A transcript of marks
  3. Reference letter from the Principal or a teacher


Note: In selecting the candidate, emphasis will be placed on the following criteria:

  1. Financial need
  2. Satisfactory scholastic achievement
  3. Attention to religious duties


File saint_michaels_cwl.docx23.34 KB