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Posted: May 10, 2016

Reminder to all graduating students that the deadline for internal scholarships (green application) is due this Friday, May 13th. These are to be turned into the office with application and any requested documentation. DO NOT PUT THE GREEN APPLICATION IN ENVELOPES.


All other scholarships (in the filing cabinet) have their own deadlines and need to be sent (by you) to addresses indicated on the application. If you need reference letters, transcripts of marks, report cards or any other type of documentation, do not wait until the last minute.


submit to Principal by May 15th

Eligibility:      1. Successful graduation from James M. Hill Memorial High School

                        2. A member of the girls or boys basketball team

                        3. A former registered player for the TMBA

                        4. Pursuing post-secondary studies


The Tommies Minor Basketball Association Bursary will be awarded annually to the graduating Tommie basketball player who best demonstrates the positive qualities inherent as an ambassador for the sport of basketball, and for our program. 

Microsoft Office document icon tmba_bursary_application.doc68 KB


The Douglastown Lions Club Scholarship of $1000 is awarded to a deserving graduate from the Douglastown Service area.


- must be a student living in Douglastown

- one time award of $1000

- selection based on financial need and character

- all applicants must show that they have contributed something to their school by participating in some club, group or team while they were attending high school

- Turn in to the office no later than Monday, May 16th.



The Saint Michael's Catholic Women's league  is offering a $200 bursary available for children or grandchildren of a member or St. Michael's Basilica CWL.

SEED - Student Employment and Experience Development

For students who need help in the application process, be sure to book an apointment in the JMH Workroom with Mr. Matthew Sturgeon.


The Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program provides a variety of employment opportunities for post-secondary students during the summer months. Jobs that are eligible for approval are within the provincial and municipal government levels, First Nations communities and non-profit organizations. The aim of the program is to enhance students' employment prospects upon completion of their studies, while enabling them to finance the continuation of their education.


A participant must be:
• a resident of New Brunswick or a First Nation community in New Brunswick;
• eligible to work in Canada;
• a student in the current academic year; and
• attending a full-time post-secondary institution in the fall.

How to Apply:
The application form is available online at Additional Job search resources are provided as part of the application. Once the application is submitted, the information will be directed to your local employment office. It will then be assessed for eligibility, and the summer placements will be distributed to eligible students until all the placements are allocated. It is recommended that students apply early. Selected students will receive information by email on how to proceed to connect with eligible employers. If not selected, they will be added to a waiting list.

Posted: April 4, 2016

There are two different types of scholarship applications:

Internal scholarships (green form): This is ONE application for approximately 35 different scholarships that are selected by an internal committee at James M. Hill. Students will check off the scholarships that they qualify for and only submit additional information when a specific scholarship requests it. Transcripts are printed for these at the office so there is no need to request one. This document is copied on green paper in the guidance office and must be picked up there. Please note: DO NOT PUT THESE APPLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS IN ENVELOPES! Simply give it to the office and it will be filed until the selection committee meets. Here is a copy of the internal application (do not print, pick it up in the guidance department):


External Scholarships (found alphabetically in the filing cabinet): These are all separate scholarships which have different deadlines and request different information depending on the award. There is a printable list (attached - but also available in the guidance department) which lists the criteria for each separate application. Look at the scholarships you qualify for and take only those applications. Each separate application will have instructions on what to send and where to send it but there are a few on this list which are turned into the office at James M. Hill (ie. the Scott Bowes Memorial Scholarship).

Any scholarships that become available from now on will be posted to this site AND emailed to the 2016 Grad list.


Use this link to apply:


The scholarship is awarded each year to women and men entering their first year in a non-traditional training program at a New Brunswick college.


Women or men accepted or wait listed into an eligible program of study.


The Gender Equality Scholarship is part of the Women's Equality Branch of the Province of New Brunswick.

The Scholarship Program is intended to encourage women and men, entering their first year at a New Brunswick college, to seek a non-traditional career where participation to date by women and men in these fields has been limited.

Any occupations in which women or men make up less than 25% of the total workforce is considered "non-traditional".

Scholarships of equal value up to a maximum of $2,000 will be awarded.

Please read the guidelines for eligibility and for selection criteria.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted no later than May 31 of each year for fall sessions and November 30 for winter sessions.

The ongoing development of a skilled workforce is vital to New Brunswick’s future growth and prosperity. We want to help support our young people by creating meaningful education and employment opportunities here at home. That’s why ONB Connects is supporting the education and professional development of our province’s existing workforce and youth.
Each year, we award ten $1,000 bursaries to first-year post-secondary students studying in New Brunswick. These ten bursaries allow us to award two students from each of New Brunswick’s five regions.
To apply, simply fill out our online form at Tell us in 300-500 words why New Brunswick is special to you and what you hope to gain from your New Brunswick-based education. Applications are due May 31, 2016. Apply or learn more about the ONB Connects Bursary by calling, emailing or visiting us online:
Miramichi Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 2016:
To promote the importance of entrepreneurial thinking, and recognize achievements in business-related studies. The ideal applicant would have a background in business studies, demonstrate an adaptation of business principles, and demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills.
This scholarship is awarded to a student, completing their graduation year of secondary education, and preparing to enter a post-secondary institution.

-          Must be registered as a full-time student in a first-year program of a post-secondary school by September following the school year of applications
-          Must provide an official document from their academic institution confirming that they are accepted for the following academic year and indicating that a diploma or degree is underway
-          Must have sponsorship from an educator that knows the applicant at the same school (secondary school), and a reference letter from him/her
-          Must include a motivational letter outlining your reasons for application, your goals, and relevant background
-          Must provide an up-to-date transcript of their academic records.
-          Must submit a resume.

Value: $1000 will be awarded to one student in the Miramichi Region (MVHS, JMH, NSER, BHS and Carrefour Beausoleil).

Funding: The funding for this scholarship will result from the revenue of Chamber sponsored events and membership fees.

Payment & Presentation:
Presentation of the scholarship will be made at the awarded recipient’s high school graduation ceremony by a Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee member.
Payment will be presented to the recipient once they have received confirmation of enrollment for their second semester of post-secondary education.

Issue: Payment for the student will be arranged by the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the recipient’s second semester of post-secondary education.

Selection Committee: All applications will come straight to the Chamber of Commerce; the Selection Committee will choose the final recipient.  Criteria for selection may include an interview between the applicant and the selection committee.

Selection Criteria:
-          Academic achievement
-          Financial circumstance
-          Field of study/program registered  (i.e. students attending business related programs will be given priority consideration)
-          Motivational Letter outlining career aspirations
-          Awards/declarations/ recognition/ commendations
-          Volunteer work/dedication to the community

Application Deadline: May 29th, 2016

Forward all applications to:

MCC Scholarship Program
P.O Box 342
Miramichi, NB
E1N 3A7

For more information please contact the Chamber's office.

$1,000.00 Scholarship - due April 22, 2016


Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, Inc. (CCSAC) is holding a scholarship competition open to residents of Atlantic Canada (regardless of age) who will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program for the 2016-2017 academic year. Applications are accepted in both French and English.

1. The applicant must intend to enroll in an accredited institution for the 2016-2017 academic years. The winning essay applicants will be required to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment.

2. The essay must be the applicant’s original work and be no more than 500 words in length.

3. Submissions must be typewritten or computer-generated on white paper with double spacing. They must have at least 1" margins all around, and use 12 pt. font.

4. The applicant’s name, address, location or other identifying information MUST NOT be included in the essay. Identifying information should only appear on the application entry form.

5. Identifying information on those who are interviewed MUST NOT be included in the essay. In the essay include the title of the person you spoke to (i.e. your dad, your banker) and the area of advice that they gave you. In the essay do not include their name and do not include information that will indicate geographic region (i.e. instead of principal of Sackville High, just state principal). Identifying information must only appear on the application entry form.

6. Materials must be postmarked, regular delivery, no later than April 22, 2016. Mail received after the deadline may not be accepted.

7. Do not contact the judges concerning this competition. Blind judging will be done on regional levels. Do not contact the scholarship chairperson beyond asking for clarification of the rules. Such contact may disqualify you from the competition.

8. Previous recipients of the CCSAC Scholarship, employees and board members of CCSAC and their families are not eligible for this contest.

The Sweet Caroline Foundation is offering a scholarship competition open to residents of New Brunswick (regardless of age) who will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  1. The applicant must be enrolled in an accredited institution for the 2016-2017 academic year. The winning essay applicants will be required to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment.

  2. The applicant does not need to have food allergies to be eligible to apply, however; must have a strong understanding of food allergies and be involved in raising awareness and educating others.

  3. Selected recipients will demonstrate a strong commitment and creative approach to raising awareness and educating other about life threatening allergies.

  4. A 500 word essay must be included along with the application and should include how the applicant has raised awareness and educated others about allergies and anaphylaxis, whom the applicant has reached through their efforts and how long the applicant has been involved in raising awareness.

  5. Submissions must be computer-generated on white paper with double spacing. They must have must have at least 1” margins all around, and use a 12 point font.

  6. The applicant’s name, address, location or other identifying information MUST NOT be included in the essay. Identifying information should only appear on the application entry form.

  7. Materials must be postmarked, regular delivery, no later than May 15, 2016.

  8. Do not contact the judges concerning this competition. Blind judging will be done.

Only submissions that conform to the guidelines will be considered. Submissions may be posted on the Sweet Caroline Facebook Page or Website, or mailed to Sweet Caroline Foundation, PO Box 4582, Rothesay NB,E2E 5X3. Winners will be notified by the end of June 2016. If awarded, proof of enrolment in the 2016-2017 academic year must be provided to receive the scholarship amount.

Deadline - April 1, 2016


IWK Research Services is proud to announce that we will be offering a new scholarship to Maritime students. 


To be considered for one of three Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarships, grade 12 students in the Maritimes must intend on continuing their education at a Maritime post-secondary institution (college or university) in a field that will enhance research and/or innovation in health care.

Awards will be issued as follows:

  • One in Nova Scotia
  • One in New Brunswick
  • One in Prince Edward Island

The scoring criteria are a follows

  • Essay - 50%
  • Letters of Reference - 25%
  • Transcripts - 25%


Students must write an essay (3 pages max, double spaced, 12 point font) demonstrating their interest in research and/or innovation in health care and how it will improve the health and well being of children, women or families in the Maritimes. Students must provide one academic and one character letter of reference. Lastly students must provide their academic stranscripts and have a minimum average of 75%

Apply to the Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship 

Applications can be submitted to:

IWK Health Centre
5850/5980 University Ave
Halifax, NS    B3K 6R8
Attention Denise DesLauriers, Research Services

For more information, phone  902.470.7548 or email

File iwk_research_scholarship.docx1.45 MB


One graduate, from each of the following schools, J.M.H; MVHS; NSER; Blackville & Carrefour Beausoleil will be eligible to receive a $2000 scholarships.

To be eligible for the scholarship you must:

- be a 2016 High School Graduate

- be registered in a program at a University, College, or Trade School for the next school year

- maintain a minimum average of 75%

To be considered for this scholarship you must provide:

- a fully completed and signed application form, including the expenses and income information

- 2 letters of reference from a volunteer work supervisor

- a copy of your most recent school transcript

- a copy of your letter of acceptance from your University, College or Trade School

Application deadline is May 2, 2016.

Applications may be scanned & emailed to , postal mailed or delivered in person to:

Big Brothers Big Sisters Boys & Girls Club

115 Maher St

Miramichi, NB

E1N 4B4


Northumberland Cooperative Limited is pleased to announce they will be offering three (3) scholarships to students entering a post secondary program in the fall. The scholarships have been named to honour the work of Charles Butler and William Vickers, two men who made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of Northumberland Cooperative Limited.

The scholarships are valued at $1000.00 each. Application deadline is June 30, 2016.

In order to apply students must be entering a post secondary educational program in September, 2016. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, extra-curricular or community participation and need. Consideration will be given to those entering careers in agriculture or related industries.

Application forms are available by contacting the Human Resources Department @ 506-627-7696 or email:

Bursary Application Guidelines

              VALUE $500.00

    The applicant must be:

1.     Graduating from:

¨    Miramichi Valley High School

¨    Carrefour Beausoleil

¨    James M. Hill High School

¨    Blackville High School

¨    North and South Esk Regional

2.     Entering University or Community College with a preference in Social Sciences

The following criteria will be


1.     Need

2.     Involvement in the community and extra curricular activities

       Application forms are available at the guidance office of any school listed (ALSO ATTACHEDabove or at the Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick – Miramichi Chapter.

Applications must be received by May 25th.