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Posted: January 10, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Attached are the review sheets from yesterday and today's class. They cover the first two units of the semester (Rational Numbers & Square Roots and Surface Area). The answers to the questions are in the files as well. For tonight, please complete the review for Square Roots and Surface Area (Unit 2) and please focus on the questions with composite objects (3 objects together).   Period 6 - English 112 Please complete the second and third sheet from "The Raven" question sheets.

Posted: December 21, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Linear Relations Unit Test was today. No Homework! :)   Period 3 & 4 - Cul Tech 110 Tomorrow is Turkey Day! Don't forget to come to the Cul Tech Lab at lunch time for your dinner!   Period 6 - English 112 Today we looked at Barrett's Privateers and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald as a part of Narrative poetry.

Posted: December 20, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Unit 4 Test tomorrow! Attached is your Review Sheet!   Period 6 - English 112 I collected your Odes today in class (well done!) and then we completed a quiz on your poetry terms. We will be continuing poetry fro the rest of the weeke with some songs and narratives!
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Posted: December 9, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we looked at different forms of Linear Relations and vertical and horizontal lines. Your notes are attached and remember that your Quiz is on Tuesday! Period 6 - English 112 Your 5 wonders Essay is due on Monday at the beginning of class!   Have a good weekend!
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Posted: December 8, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9Please complete questions 8-13 on page 171-172 for class tomorrow. Period 6 - English 112Because of the cancellation today, your FINAL copy of your essay will be due on MONDAY. Please have your draft ready for tomorrow's class!

Posted: December 5, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 We started our new (& last!) unit in today's class on Linear Relations. We began by looking at patterns in numbers and creating a formula for these patterns. Your notes are attached below! Please complete questions 5-9, 11 & 12 on page 159-160 for tomorrow's class.   Period 6 - English Today, we did some research on your five wonders for your Research Essay. We will continue researching tomorrow. Don't forget that the FINAL copy of your essay will be due on Friday, December 9th!
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Posted: November 29, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9Tomorrow is your Powers Unit Test! Please look over the questions on the review in your textbook (p. 87-89). Period 6 - English 112I collected your Persuasive Essays today and we talked about your next essay: Your Five Wonders. Think about what 5 wonders you want to focus on in your essay, we will continue to talk about the essay in tomorrow's class.

Posted: November 24, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we learned some more Exponent Laws in class. Your notes from today are posted below. Please remember that yoru Powers Unit test is next Wednesday, November 30th!   Period 3 & 4 - Culinary Tech Chapter 7 Test is tomorrow in class!!   Period 6 - English 112 Today we started Persuasive Essays by looking at an example and some possible topics. Please come to class tomorrow with a topic picked out and brainstorming completed with pros and cons.
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Posted: November 22, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Your Powers Quiz was today. We will be moving on to the next section of the unit tomorrow in class.   Period 6 - English 112 Your Narrative Essay is due Tomorrow in class! You are to write about an experience that you can tell in essay form. Your essay is to be about 200-250 words (1 1/2 pages double spaced!).

Posted: November 17, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 We finished up writing numbers as powers of 10 in class today, then moved on to Order of Operations. We looked at a few examples of order of operations with powers. Your notes are attached. Please complete questions 7, 8, 10, 12 & 16 from page 66 in your textbook. Reminder: Quiz on Tuesday, November 22nd!   Period 3 & 4 - Culinary Tech 110 Period 3 - You were in the kitchen today preparing for the Culinary Cafe. Period 4 - We completed a worksheet on Kitchen Tools and Equipment. Don't forget to bring your Toonie for tomorrow's basketball game!   Period 6 - English 112 Today we looked at your brainstorming and plans for your expository essay and worked on some good introduction paragraphs. Your essay will be due on Monday, November 21st.   **Don't forget to wear your GREEN & GOLD tomorrow!!
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Posted: November 14, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we looked at writing a number as a power. The notes are attached. Homework: p. 57, #'s 20-23   Period 6 - English 112 We talked some more about your essay unit today in class. We discussed the different types of essays and the different tones essays can have. We will begin your first essay of the unit tomorrow!

Posted: November 10, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today's notes on Powers are attached.   Period 6 - English 112 Today we began looking at your Essay Unit, then did an activity for Rememberance day.
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Posted: November 7, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9Square Root and Surface Area Test tomorrow! Please complete the review sheet from today's class and take a look at the review on pages 45-47 in your textbook.Period 6 - English 112Short Story Unit projects are due tomorrow! Be ready to present your project! :)

Posted: November 3, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Please complete questions 4-8 on mpage 41 for Monday. Notes are attached. Reminder that your test is on Tuesday, November 8th!   Period 6 - English 112 If you did not pass in your article of the week, get it to me on Monday!! Your Short story project is due on Tuesday, November 8th!
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Posted: November 1, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today, we continued working on Surface Area of Composite Objects. The notes from yesterday and today are attached. Please complete questions 3c, d, e, 4a, b for Thursday's class. Have a good day at work tomorrow!   Period 3 & 4 - Culinary Tech 110 Your schedules for the week are attached.   Period 6 - English 112 We are working on your Short Story Projects in class all week. The due date for your project is Monday, November 7th. Also, don't forget that your article of the week is due on Thursday, November 3rd.   *Keep Voting for Tommie Pride!