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The 2021-2022 Application for Full-Time Student Financial Assistance (online and printable) is now available and it is posted on the Student Financial Services Website at
New for this academic year, the Information Guide has been replaced by two documents:
1) Student Financial Assistance Handbook which includes:
a description of the loans, grants and bursaries available to eligible students, general information on the eligibility criteria for applying for full-time assistance information on the application process
information on how assistance is calculated.
2) Program Highlights and Funding Information Booklet provides the funding amounts for the loans, grants and bursaries and other loan year specific information
If students or parents/guardians have any questions regarding the application process, they are asked to call the toll free number number 1-800-667-5626 or to register for a virtual Question and Answer Session by visiting the Student Financial Services website.
1) Relatives of members of Irish Canadian Cultural Association OR Have Irish roots
2) Must be accepted into a post-secondary education (college, trade school, university)
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**This is a repost - there have been NO applicants from JMH so far - Due date is on May 28th**


The Schizophrenia Society of New Brunswick Inc. offers a $500.00 bursary to a high school graduate who is entering University or College - preference given to a student enrolled in one of the Social Sciences.

See attached application and brochure

What is the purpose of this scholarship?

To support a female pursuing a non-traditional skilled trade postsecondary program at a New Brunswick College campus.

Scholarship Value $1,000

A scholarship will be awarded each year to a female college student pursuing a non-traditional skilled trade. Payment will be subject to college campus withdrawal dates.

Application Deadline: August 31, 2021



  • Applications must contain all required documents to be considered (application form, proof of postsecondary acceptance and brief essay)
  • Each applicant will be evaluated on the quality of their essay.


  • You are a resident of NB
  • You have been accepted or waitlisted for an eligible program (*Please refer to eligible programs list).
  • You have answered the following questions in your essay:
    1. What inspired you to pursue a non-traditional skilled trade?
    2. How will this scholarship help ensure your success in your program?
    3. How do you envision your career path?


New Boots Scholarship 2020-2021 - MAP Strategic Workforce Services (

Jackie Hare graduated from JMH in the 80’s and spent much of her career working as Nurse Manger of Psych and Addictions at the Miramichi Hospital prior to passing away from cancer in 2020. Jackie contributed significantly to the implementation of mental health and addiction services throughout New Brunswick, and it is the hope of her family that Jackie’s legacy be carried forward by students entering into the field.  



  1. Must be accepted into a program related to mental health, addictions or psychiatric nursing.  
  2. Financial need will be a consideration 
  3. Must submit a 250 word summary as to why you qualify for this bursary 
Turn into JMH office by May 27th
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Good morning graduates, 
Find attached a list of all scholarship and bursaries that have been emailed to your student email, posted on the JMH 2021 Grad Teams page and posted on the JMH website (THIS PAGE)
If you have NOT applied for any of these, you should follow this process:
  1. Look through the list to see what you are eligible for. 
  2. Search for these applications in your email/Teams/JMH website
  3. Fill out the applications - pay attention to each one, they are all different.
  4. Submit it as instructed on the application.
Do not forget about the INTERNAL scholarship online application (separate from this). One application, 38 awards: 
The due date for this is May 21st

Leader Of The Pack Scholarship

 Lead Your Own Future

Again this year, GTI Broker Group is pleased to offer a $2,000.00 scholarship to a full time student, including freshmen, pursuing any course of study, at a University, College, or School of Higher Learning who is a current resident of NB, NS or NFLD.

GTI Broker Group’s Leader of the Pack Scholarship program recognizes the contribution of our communi­ty builders of tomorrow. The growth of in the Atlantic Region exemplifies the achievements of people working together in their own communities. We hope to encourage those qualities of good citizenship and co-operation through this scholarship program.

Please find attached our scholarship information and application(print version and interactive version). As in previous years, the deadline is June 30th.



  • Current resident of NB, NS or NFLD.
  • Current Secondary Student (or has graduated within the past 12 months).
  • Accepted and entering a Canadian College or University in the 2021/22 academic year.
  • Proof of acceptance to at least one Canadian College or University. This does not have to be from the College/University you plan to attend. If you are selected as the scholarship recipient, we will confirm where you will be attending at that time.


  • Demonstrated leadership and a strong commitment to his/her community through initiating innovative community projects and/or volunteerism.
  • Letter of recommendation from your current school, written and signed by principal, teacher or guidance counsellor (no electronic signatures).
  • Letter of recommendation from community group or individual(s) that you supported (no electronic signatures). If your community project was affiliated with your school, it is acceptable to have two letters of recommendation from your school.
  • Official Transcripts (most recent).

2021_LeaderOfThePack_Interactive.pdf (

Every year, the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) offers several different scholarships and bursaries. Some are open to all New Brunswick students, while others are reserved to the sons and daughters of members of local unions affiliated with the NBFL.

A brief description of the various awards, bursaries and scholarships can be found when you click on its name. An application form is also available. All awards are valued at $500.


James A. Whitebone Memorial James A. Whitebone Memorial - New Brunswick Federation Of Labour (

Scholarship Overview: The scholarships are for FIRST YEAR attendance at any University in the Atlantic Province or first year attendance in a two year program of the New Brunswick Community College, excepting where the desired academic program is not available in the region.

Eligibility:  members, or their children, who belong to local unions affiliated with the NBFL.


Tim McCarthy Environment Prize Tim McCarthy Environment - New Brunswick Federation Of Labour ( 

Prize Overview: Established in 1991 to recognize the contribution of former NBFL President Tim McCarthy to the trade union movement, the object of the award is to encourage post secondary studies of one or more years duration in fields relating to environmental protection and education.

Eligibility: This prize is open to NBFL members or their children, who are pursuing higher education in fields relating to environmental protection and education. Applicants may be in their first or subsequent years of post secondary studies.


NBFL Solidarity Bursaries NBFL Solidarity Bursaries - New Brunswick Federation Of Labour (

Bursary Overview: The objective of the award is to encourage greater public awareness and understanding of the value to workers and society. Funded by AIL Canada, a unionized insurance provider, these two bursaries serve to promote greater awareness and understanding of the value of unions.

Eligibility: These two bursaries are open to any person regardless of union membership pursuing post secondary education full-time or enrolled in high school at the grade 12 level.




Bayer’s Commitment to Education

By assisting young people in their pursuit of a college or university education in agriculture or food, we are investing in their future careers – and in the future of agriculture and food production in Canada.

Bayer is Helping Build Careers

The Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school as of June 2, 2021 and eligible to graduate from high school in 2021. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian post‑secondary institution (degree or diploma) in a first-year agriculture, food science or culinary program.

If you have applied for entry into a college or university, but have not yet been accepted, you can still apply for a Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship. However, if you are awarded a scholarship, you must provide an acceptance letter from your educational institution.

Successful applicants will each be awarded a scholarship valued at $1,500, based on demonstrated academic standards and leadership in the community. Selection will be made by an independent panel.

apply using the link below:

Purpose: To assist a deserving female student to pursue further studies or training at a recognized post-secondary institution


Submit to the main office at JMH by May 21st


Recipient will be selected by: Nancy Lordon Memorial Scholarship Committee



·        Must demonstrate leadership skills
·        Successful graduation from James M. Hill
·        Minimum of two years at this high school
·        Applicant must have applied to a post-secondary institution
·        Based on need, marks, and participation in school and community


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