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Posted: May 31, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we went on to the next section of the Probability Unit. There is one more section left, then we will be doing a quiz on Friday!   Period 4 - English 10 Your RESEARCH ESSAY is DUE TOMORROW! Make sure you have ALL of your drafts, pre-writing, and all of your sources cited properly. Also, do not forget to have a Works Cited page at the end of your research essay in MLA format. Once I have collected all of the essays we will take a look at Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" and watch the movie, "The Hurricane"   Period 6 - English 10 Today we read Chapters 25 & 26. We will read chapters 27 & 28 in tomorrow's class, completing the book. Your test will be Friday, June 3rd    

Posted: May 27, 2011

Hi Folks! Happy Friday!Period 2 - Math 9We began our Probability unit yesterday (Experimental & Theoretical Probability, Subjective Judgement). You worked on questions from the book in class today. We will go over these questions on Monday and continue with the next section of the unit! Period 4 - English 10The draft of your Research Essay (Rubin Carter) is due on Monday at the beginning of class. We will be completing Peer & Self-Evaluations of your drafts in class and get your essay ready for the final copy. The final copy of your essay is due Wednesday, June 1st! Period 6 - English 10Today, you started working on a character sketch of a character from The Journey Home. You will continue working on that on Monday and it will be due at the end of class. We will then be finishing the book and preparing for a test. Your test on the novel will be Friday, June 3rd.

Posted: May 16, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we began looking at Properties of Angles in a Circle. We will continue doing practice questions for the next few days then begin review for your Unit Test, which will be on Wednesday, May 25th.   Period 4 - English 10 To Kill A Mockingbird Test Tomorrow!!   Period 6 - English 10 Today we read Chapter 17 of The Journey Home    

Posted: May 13, 2011

Preiod 2 - Math 9 Today, you completed your Circle Geometry Quiz. We will move on to the last section of the unit on Monday!   Period 4 - English 10 We continued watching To Kill A Mockingbird today in class, we will finish it up on Monday. Reminder: TKAM Test is Tuesday, May 17th!   Period 6 - English 10 We read Chapter 16 of The Journey Home today in class.

Posted: May 11, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9Your Circle Geometry Quiz will be on Friday! Please have a look at your Mid-Unit Review in your text book! Period 4 - English 10We will be watching To Kill A Mockingbird in Thursday & Friday's class.Those of you who have not passed in your TKAM Booklet, you MUST pass this in by Friday.And, just a reminder, your TKAM Test will be Tuesday, May 17th! Period 6 - English 10We read Chapter 15 in today's class and answered questions. 

Posted: April 27, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we began reviewing for your Similarity & Transformations Unit Test. Your test is on Friday, April 29th.   Period 4 - English 10 To Kill A Mockingbird - Please have Chapters 14-15 read and questions done for tomorrow's class.   Period 6 - English 10 We read Chapter 7 of The Journey Home today in class.  

Posted: April 21, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we completed an assignment on rotations and reflections. Next Friday, April 29th will be your Similarity and Transformations Unit Test!   Period 4 - English 10 Don't forget to have upto Chapter 11 read and questions done in your booklet completed for Tuesday, April 26th!   Period 6 - English 10 Today we read Chapter 6 from The Journey Home.

Posted: April 19, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9We looked at Rotations to day in class. We will be continuing Rotations in class tomorrow, no homework! Period 4 - English 10Today we read a couple chapters from Tuesdays With Morrie and completed a reflection.Tomorrow, we will be continuing To Kill A Mockingbird. Please have Chapter 2-3 read and questions completed, along with your Vocabulary and Character sheet updated! Period 6 - English 10We did some predicting on The Journey Home in class, then read Chapter 4.

Posted: April 18, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 We completed the section on Reflections in class today. Please complete questions 3, 5, 6, 7abc, & 8 from pages 358-359 for tomorrow's class.   Period 4 - English 10 Today, you completed a KWL chart for Chapter 1 of To Kill A Mockingbird. For Wednesday, please read Chapters 2 & 3 and complete the questions out of your booklet and add to your Vocabulary and Character page! The booklet is attached to Friday, April 15th's post! We will be reading Tuesdays with Morrie tomorrow.   Period 6 - English 10 We read Chapter 3 from The Journey Home and completed questions on the chapter in class today.

Posted: April 15, 2011

Period 2 - Math 9 You had your quiz today. We will be moving on to the next section on Monday.   Period 4 - English 10 Great job on your presentations yesterday! We started To Kill A Mockingbird today, please read Chapter 1 and complete your Vocabulary and Characters sheets out of EARL :) I have attached Earl and the schedule!   Period 6 - English 10 We read Chapter 2 of The Journey Home today in class and completed questions.
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