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Posted: April 15, 2014

In this Introduction to Digital Sound assignment you will create a “Microphones for Dummies” presentation/guide. Be creative and use your skills you have developed in this course so far to create pictures for your examples, instructions, etc.You will need to explain:Dynamic Microphones             \Condenser Microphones            >  Their uses and differencesRibbon Microphones                / What is a frequency? What is frequency response? Why is it important in understanding microphones and different mic’ing situations? What is Directionality?-          Omnidirectional-          Bidirectional-          Unidirectional  You can use the following link for help:           
I know, I know... More photoshop. But listen, you're almost done. Using all of what you've learned so far using Adobe Photoshop you are going to turn yourselves (pictures... not literally) into Cyborgs. Yes, cyborgs. You are half dead human bing and half machine. Congrats!You will need to incorporate everything you have learned up to this point using photoshop to make this happen.  (selection, lasso, magic wand, eye drop, healing brush, brushes, clone stamp etc.)Before we get started, please take a look at the following website to increase your existing knowledge of photoshop filters. Use a new file project and experiment with some of these. you have your picture, create a new folder on your account within your photoshop folder and rename it "Cyborg". This is where you will store all of your needed files. Next, we will go to the following website tutorial: site details how to change yourself into an Avatar, but some of the same rules apply.

Posted: April 2, 2014

Hey class, got this little diddy from Mr. Martin's class!... and.... you're going to do it too! Enjoy! Digital Production 120 - Generic Magazine Cover Assignment In this assignment you will have an opportunity to practice using text layers. You will create a magazine cover that has several layers of text will different font styles, colors and sizes.  You will need to make use of your free transform tool as well.It will be important that you manage and name your layers. Assignment requirementsYour magazine cover must have:A title for your magazinechoice of the attached photos and ONE copyright free image of your choiceAt least 4 different font stylesAt least 10 layers total (including text layers)A BarcodeDate and priceChoose one of the attached image files as the starting point for your magazine cover (there is also an image of a barcode that your need to add).This assignment will be graded on: Meeting the requirementsDesign choices CreativityFor previous class samples, follow this link:
Digital Productions 120 - Create a Poster using Photoshop.Your project file should be 8.5 x 11 and 300 dpi resolution, RGB Colour.You are going to create a poster to help promote the Interact pizza fundraiser! They will be selling U-Bake pizzas to raise funds for their club on Saturday, April 5th. They are $10 each, or 3 for $25. Pick up times are 11:30 to 12:00 and between 3:30 and 4. There is also a delivery option for an extra $5. All of this information should be included in some way on the poster. You should highlight what the money is for, time, dates, etc.You will use at least ONE original image (photo/drawing/graphic) to incorporate into the poster. Please be sure to use the design principals that we talked about in class and that Mr. Duplessie discussed with you. You can find the links to reminders of these in revious notes on this page.Requirements: You need a minimum of 10 layers, various texts and effects, use of brushes, filters, and images.Assignment is worth 20 marks.Reminder!! You are designing a poster for use!  

Posted: March 18, 2014

Before you really get into your magazine cover/movie poster/album/game cover... Have a look at the note Mr. Martin left for his class!  

Posted: March 18, 2014

Subculture / Counterculture Project You and your group are to create a presentation on one particular subculture or counterculture and present it to the class. You are to teach the class about your chosen group and include the following in your presentation: language (slang, lingo, terms) formal norms informal norms goals brief history how does the outside world view the group? true? You are to keep in mind the following rubric for your presentation: - Delivery - 10 - Content - 10 - Pic/Media - 10 - Mechanics - 10 - Extra - 10 - Anything extra you want to do as a group to make your presentation stick out. Use of costume, music, create a video, handouts, poster, etc. Due: Monday, 24th of March

Posted: March 14, 2014

Digital Productions 120 – Movie/Concert/Video Game Poster You are going to create a 8.5 x 11 Photoshop layout with 300dpi resolution (open photoshop, click "file", "new" and click the dropdown preset to "U.S. Paper"). Your poster will contain the following: • 3 Text layers • 3 different brush sets with effects • 3 Pictures from the Internet (copyright free) Your poster can for a movie/video game, music concert, TV show etc. Be sure to use the basic design principles that we discussed in class, and that you addressed in the previous assignment. Be creative!!!!

Posted: March 10, 2014

Digital Productions  120 -  “ There are many basic concepts that underlie the field of design.  Just like any good rules, they have to be learned and understood before they can be broken.  Keeping these fundamental rules in mind when designing a graphic art project will make your project much more interesting, visually appealing and easy to consume.” – Robin Martin, 2014 Although other principles of design exist, the 4 that we are going to focus on and discuss are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.  Using the internet as a resource, define each of the 4 design principles.  Why are these principles important?  Find an example of a photo online that uses each principle.  Save each photo. Another important concept that you will come across in Digital Imaging is the Rule of Thirds.  Give a detailed explanation of the Rule of Thirds Put all of this information in a PowerPoint Your PowerPoint should include the following: -          Title Slide - Your name, Digital Technologies, Date (Value 1) -          4 Slides - Each slide should contain a definition of one of the Principles and a supporting picture. (Value 12) -          1 Slide - Should contain a detailed explanation of the Rule of Thirds and a supporting picture. (Value 2) Total 6 Slides - Value 15 Use the following website as a resource.  Do not use any of the pictures from this file in your PowerPoint!

Posted: February 27, 2014

Digital Productions  120 – The following is a list of the assignments that you should have completed. Please make sure that all of these are completed before the break!! Also, besides the 3 PowerPoint assignments that you should have completed can you please make sure that all of your assignments are properly labeled and are .psd files instead of .jpeg so it is easier for me to mark. *** New Assignment! *** Fix Old Picture - Save the file from the image galleries on my teacher page. Use brightness/contrast slider to fix levels.  Use the clone stamp and healing brush tool to remove blemishes, scratches and static from the picture. Emerging Digital Technology presentation (partners) – Value: 35 Photography composition assignment – Value: 5 Photoshop fails assignment – Value: 5 Layers activity (dog & Field) - Cut out dog and add to field picture.  Find 3 other pictures and add them to your project.  Add your name in 2 Text layers to your projects with various effects to your layout. Value:  15 Lighthouse Project - Use crop tool to rotate picture and make it straight.  Use clone stamp to remove unwanted people from picture. lighthouse.jpg       - Value:  5 Old Man  - Remove blemishes and fix the right eye. Using clone stamp/healing tool  OR polygonal lasso. Value: 10 Dinosaur - Using the tools you have been practicing with, erase the man in the picture AND the two smaller dinosaurs in the lower left. Pay close attention to the textures and make them as seamless as possible. Value:  10

Posted: February 25, 2014

Photoshop: By now you should have finished placing the dog in the field along with another object and your name for Avticity 1. Please save it as "Activity 1" and place it in your Digi Prod folder.TODAY you should finish the lighthouse picture. Please straighten the lighthouse and fix the sky. Make sure to pay special attention to detail in the sky so we can tell it was moved. Save the file as "Activity 2" and place it in your folder.If you are finished please start the picture of the man with the beard. You are going to clean up the picture and is complexion. Pay attention to detail. When finished save as "Activity 3" and place in your folder.


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