Student Sees The Face of Former Principal In Large Cookie From Cafeteria

Posted: October 21, 2016

The room is explosive in noise and joyous in spirit. Harmonized choirs sing, children rejoice and men and women speak sweet words of chanted celebration; where else but the gymnasium at James M. Hill Memorial High.

“Things haven’t quite been the same since the cookie,” confirms a Grade 12 student. “I thought I’d never see him again,” he attempts to continue, but behind him a preacher graciously explodes; “Yet, here we are! 2016! Year of the chocolate chip!”
This has been the scene at JMH since last week, when a student claimed he saw the face of Former JMH Principal, Mr. Kierstead, in a large cookie from the cafeteria.
There have been reports that MVHS students are throwing rocks inscribed with messages over the 15 foot high wall recently finished around the Newcastle school under the guidance of the JMH Student council. ‘Let us see the cool stuff,’ reads one. ‘This is honestly just really mean,’ says another.
“People started coming from all over to see the cookie. Bernice MacNaughton, Oromocto High, Kenebecasis Valley- are these even real places?” inquires our field reporter.
When reached for comment, the baker at the time admitted, “To be honest, I think I just burned the cookie a little bit.”
She has since been shunned.