The detailed exam schedule can be found here: june_2014_revised_exam_schedule.pdf

Important information about graduation proceedings including dates and times are summarized here: grad_newsletter_june_2014.pdf

The following summarizes the new attendance incentive program; it is available electronically here: JMH Attendance Incentive Program 

Students who miss time frivolously are less likely to be successful. 


Students and parents should be aware of the link between attendance and academic success. An incentive program that highlights this is called for; a program that rewards regular attendance with a degree of academic insurance rather than one that penalizes poor attendance.


Exams are normally valued at 30% of the final mark for courses where exams are written. This incentive will apply to students who: 

 1.       have missed no more than 5 days in any course (3 lates counts as 1 absence) as of the Friday prior to an exam period,

 2.       have completed all requirements for the course to the satisfaction of the teacher, and

 3.       have a passing grade in the course going into the exam.

 Students who qualify for this incentive will have their final exams weighted at 15%, 30%, or 100% of their final semester mark (highest mark or the three).

 Students who do not meet the requirements for this incentive will have their final exams weighted at 30% as usual.


 Exceptions to the attendance requirement will only be extended to days missed for school sponsored activities or as a result of a death in a student’s family.


This incentive does not apply to courses with District or Provincial exams.


Adventures in Miramichi will be offering a Leadership Adventure camp for youth ages 15 to 17.

The goal of this 6 day camp is to offer leadership skill development through numerous outdoor and adventure type activities. Campers will learn that challenge, enjoyment, creativity, self-expression and social interaction are important, life-enhancing experiences. These will be enriched and nurtured through activities such as: climbing and rappelling, (MVHS Challenge Course), knot tying, team building, canoeing, archery, geocaching, outdoor cooking, mountain biking and debriefing activities. The culminating activity of the camp is an overnight canoeing out trip on the Miramichi River. The brochurse is here: aimbrochure.pdf

Progress reports from each class will be sent home with students on Tuesday May 13.  The school year is almost finished as we begin the final push to exams and graduation.

Final Day of Classes: Friday June 6

Exam Week: June 9 - 13

Graduation Activities: June 16 - 20.

Please refer to the JMH Events Calendar for the complete list of events and their times: May, June