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Posted: May 18, 2022

Student Financial Services is pleased to inform you that the 2022-2023 Application (including most supporting documents and forms) is now available at General information regarding Student Financial Assistance programs and processes is available in the 2022-2023 Student Financial Assistance Handbook. Information on the program changes can be found in the 2022-2023 Program Highlights and Funding Information document.


The most significant program change for 2022-2023 is related to the supports for qualifying students with disabilities. This change will see an expansion of the program to eligible students with a persistent or prolonged disability (a condition lasting at least 12 months which restricts or impacts the student’s participation in post-secondary studies). To accommodate this program change, we have modified the disability related questions on the application and re-designed the Medical Assessment Form which has been renamed the Disability Verification Form. The Disability Verification Form will soon be available on the website.


For information on what is needed to accurately complete the application and what supporting documents are required, we encourage applicants to refer to the “How to Avoid Delays with your Application?” section of the online application and the Applicant Checklist on our website. The “Upload a Document” feature is available for students to submit the required supporting documentation to us in a timely manner.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If students or parents / guardians have questions regarding the application process, please direct them to call the toll free number 1-800-667-5626 or to register for a virtual Question and Answer Student Financial Assistance Session by visiting the Student Financial Services website at

Posted: May 2, 2022

**Please Note: This information was emailed out to students on April 11th, 2022 if you require direct access to the links**


Students can access a pre-recorded presentation titled “Student Financial Assistance for Full-Time Post-secondary Students” by going to the Student Financial Services website at  (see information / link in red font below located on the main page of the website). The pre-recorded presentation includes all the information that has been presented in past in-person or virtual sessions.  




If students and/or parents have questions after watching the pre-recorded presentation, they can register for a virtual Question and Answer Session via the Student Financial Services website (see information / link in red font above).  There are many Q & A Session dates and times available. Once a student clicks on the link above “To register for a virtual Student Financial Assistance Question and Answer sessionclick here”, it will bring them to the information page below.



Once the student click on “Register for one of the virtual Question and Answer Sessions”, they will be directed to an Eventbrite page where they can click on “Select a Date” to see a list of the available sessions. 


The JMH Internal Scholarship application is now available online at:

This ONE application is for 41 different scholarships and bursaries ranging from $75 to $2000. Look through the eligibility and simply check the box "I am applying for this scholarship" if you meet the criteria. You must check one of the boxes to submit the application.
Some of these specific scholarships require additional information (to be filled out on the form) or reference letters to be sent to so please pay attention to what is being asked and fill it out completely (first and last name etc.).
Applicant must be entering into post-secondary education (of any kind) and must show proof of enrollment (acceptance letter must be included). Applications must be submitted to Mrs. Lindsay Tucker by May 20, 2022. 
*There are paper copies of this application in the guidance office (outside Mr. Martin's room). 
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The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick Tourism Scholarship enables students to pursue a secondary education leading to excellence within the Tourism Industry.


This year again, TIANB will award 4 x $1000.00 scholarships, to 4 students, to offset post-secondary education expenses and encourage further education in hospitality and tourism.



Deadline to apply May 16, 2022.

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VALUE: Announced annually. Average value $1000 / year.
TERM: Four (4) years.
CRITERIA: 1. Applicant must be a Scotsman, Scotswoman, or be of Scottish decent.
2. Applicant must have been accepted for entrance to Arts, Science or Applied Science
Course at the University.
3. Financial need to be taken into consideration in deciding among applicants.
4. If the recipient fails to maintain pass-standing he / she, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, may be required to forfeit the Scholarship.
VALUE: $3500.
TERM: One (1) year.
CRITERIA: 1. Must be a member or a son or daughter of a member in good standing of the Highland
Society of New Brunswick at Miramichi.
2. Must be attending a first-year program at a recognized Canadian University.
3. Financial need to be a consideration in deciding among applicants.
4. One-half amount payable in the fall; second half on proof of satisfactory first-term
VALUE: $2500
TERM: One (1) year. (Candidates may re-apply annually)
CRITERIA: 1. Relatives of members of Highland Society of N.B. at Miramichi in good standing,
(sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews, nieces).
2. Must be planning to attend an institution providing post-secondary education.
3. Financial need to be a consideration in deciding among applicants.
All applications for Scholarships or Educational Grants must be accompanied by:
1. Letter of acceptance
2. Transcript of your marks from your school or university
3. Two (2) letters of reference
4. Recent photo suitable for publication

Highland Society of New Brunswick at Miramichi

P.O. Box 303

Miramichi, N.B.

E1N 3A7

PDF icon highland_society_scholarship_form.pdf203.88 KB
1) Relatives of members of Irish Canadian Cultural Association OR Have Irish roots