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The JMH Alumni bursary will be awarded to the graduate who will be pursing post-secondary education in September 2024.
Merit will be given for embodying tommie spirit and sense of community both within the school and Miramichi.
Please submit your completed application to Mrs. Lindsay Tucker or by email to , by June 12, 2023.
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For students who need information on how to apply for student loans, the website was recently updated and students can find the information here:
This 14-minute virtual presentation will help full-time students understand information and eligibility requirements for student financial assistance and how to apply for funding.
A detailed handbook on the entire program can be found here: Handbook-e.pdf (

The Roger Miller Foundation offers two annual scholarships valued at $500 each for graduating volleyball players in New Brunswick who show academic achievement, community involvement, an elite skill set, and leadership on and off the court. 

If you have a Grade 12 student who has an average >80% (Grade 11 and first half of Grade 12), volunteer experience, and is an elite volleyball player, we want to hear from them! Please have them fill out the attached form along with their transcripts and relevant reference letter(s) to

Applications are due June 4th, 2023. 

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My name is Jeremy McLaughlin, and I am the Community & Outreach Manager at CareerBeacon.

I’m reaching out to inform you that we’ve launched an exciting initiative in partnership with East Coast Lifestyle that may be relevant for some of your students.

The YEAR | ONE Program will award 10 bursaries worth $2,500 each to encourage and support first-year students as they embark on their academic journey.

Students entering their first year of post-secondary education in September 2023 can submit their applications today by heading to

Candidates must demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit or change-making drive

  • Creativity & innovation

  • Leadership & teamwork

  • Positive impact focus

We would be delighted if students from your school could benefit from this opportunity! I have attached to this email some shareable assets that you can use for communicating this exciting opportunity to students.

It would be extremely helpful for us if you could give us a hand by sharing this initiative with your senior students so that they can apply and pursue their dream.

The application deadline is May 31st, 2023.

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The JMH Internal Scholarship application is now available online at:

This ONE application is for 51 different scholarships and bursaries ranging from $75 to $2000. Look through the eligibility and simply check the box "I am applying for this scholarship" if you meet the criteria. You must check one of the boxes to submit the application.
Some of these specific scholarships require additional information (to be filled out on the form) or reference letters to be sent to so please pay attention to what is being asked and fill it out completely (first and last name etc.).

Posted: April 18, 2023

Good afternoon graduates,
Over the last few weeks, you have been getting a barrage of Teams announcements and posts on the JMH 2023 Grad page of scholarships, bursaries and awards. Here is a compilation of the external scholarships that have been posted (or will be posted) to the grad distribution list. They are listed alphabetically.
Use this list to search on the Teams page and narrow down your focus on the awards you qualify for There are also scholarships that have an online link or website address and you will use that link to find information or apply for those scholarships.
Please look at the due dates so you can prioritize your efforts. You should also inform parents and guardians that this information is publicly available on the JMH Website: Guidance | James M. Hill High School (
In the next couple of weeks, we will also be releasing the "Internal" Scholarship Application - this is done completely online and has approximately 35 scholarships attached to it. This is not available yet, but will be shortly.
If you have any questions, come and visit.
1) Relatives of members of Irish Canadian Cultural Association OR Have Irish roots
2) Must be accepted into a post-secondary education (college, trade school, university)


VALUE: Announced annually. Average value $1000 / year.
TERM: Four (4) years.
CRITERIA: 1. Applicant must be a Scotsman, Scotswoman, or be of Scottish decent.
2. Applicant must have been accepted for entrance to Arts, Science or Applied Science
Course at the University.
3. Financial need to be taken into consideration in deciding among applicants.
4. If the recipient fails to maintain pass-standing he / she, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, may be required to forfeit the Scholarship.
VALUE: $3500.
TERM: One (1) year.
CRITERIA: 1. Must be a member or a son or daughter of a member in good standing of the Highland
Society of New Brunswick at Miramichi.
2. Must be attending a first-year program at a recognized Canadian University.
3. Financial need to be a consideration in deciding among applicants.
4. One-half amount payable in the fall; second half on proof of satisfactory first-term
VALUE: $2500
TERM: One (1) year. (Candidates may re-apply annually)
CRITERIA: 1. Relatives of members of Highland Society of N.B. at Miramichi in good standing,
(sons, daughters, grandchildren, nephews, nieces).
2. Must be planning to attend an institution providing post-secondary education.
3. Financial need to be a consideration in deciding among applicants.
All applications for Scholarships or Educational Grants must be accompanied by:
1. Letter of acceptance
2. Transcript of your marks from your school or university
3. Two (2) letters of reference
4. Recent photo suitable for publication


Highland Society of New Brunswick at Miramichi

P.O. Box 303

Miramichi, N.B.

E1N 3A7

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Submit completed applications to the Main Office by May 15th, 2023


1. Successful graduation from James M. Hill Memorial High School or Miramichi Valley High School

2. A former registered player for the TMBA or Miramichi Hoops

3. Pursuing post-secondary studies

The River Hoops Basketball Association Bursary will be awarded annually to four graduating TMBA and River Hoops basketball players who best demonstrate the positive qualities inherent as an ambassador for the sport of basketball, and for our programs.

Section I: Student Information

  • Print clearly or type all information requested
  • You must reside in New Brunswick and be a Canadian Citizen

Section II: College/University Information

  • Provide the name and address of the College, Trade School, Technical School, Community College or University you will be attending.
  • Bursaries are awarded to students attending facilities on a full time basis.
  • Post graduate studies do not qualify.
  • $500.00 bursaries are awarded to successful applicants.

Section III: Financial Information

  • This section must be completed

Section IV: Military Service Information

  • This section must be completed


  • Bursaries are awarded based on financial need, with special consideration given to children and grandchildren of Veterans.
  • All documentation to be included
  • Ensure that the application is signed in the appropriate places
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered - no follow-up will be taken
  • Completed applications and necessary documentation must be mailed, faxed or emailed to