ATTENTION!!!!: Tommie Food/ Essentials Request

Posted: April 16, 2020


Today's Tommie news is the launch of our "Virtual Open Door" program. During the regular school year, students can drop by the Open Door and pick up groceries, hygeine products or other necessary items to take home. In order to futher support our Tommies at this time, JMH has teamed up with the Beaubear CO-OP to continue making these products available while schooles are closed due to Covid-19. Many thanks to Raymond and his staff for helping us with this endavour.

If you are a JMH student, or you have a current Tommie in your household eligable for the Virtual Open Door program, just fill out the confidental form below before Monday of any week and you will be contacted for grocery pick-up and delivery the following Thursday.


Please go to the following link to fill out your confidental form here;