FYI- Technical Support Guidelines

Posted: September 30, 2020

Experiencing technical difficultues during home learning?  Plese check out the "Technical Support for Home Learning" document in the "Latest Documents" section, which can be seen below.  

EECD has provided the attached information for tech support issues for students.  

Please remember that on Home Learning days your student will have work to do—this is considered a school day, and they should be checking in with teachers, doing any assigned work or participating in online classes if required.  The type and amount of work will vary by class. Each course and teacher will have different expectations and may use a different approach (just as on regular school days) so it is important for students to:
*attend school on their in-school days for instruction
*communicate regularly with teachers in person and online
*make sure they are participating in home learning each day they are not in-school
Most of our teachers are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with students as well as assign and/or collect work.  We are aware some still do not have devices and/or internet and if this is the case please make sure to let teachers know so they can assign alternate work for at-home days, and also so we can try and help you find the technology you need.
Students who are not active participants in their home learning will be considered absent, so if you are getting an absenteeism call home on the days when your student is at home this means they did not check in or complete the work as required by their teacher. Home Learning Days are not days off, nor should students be working on those days.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through these challenges together!