Together With our Seniors

Posted: April 3, 2020

Seniors...we know your hearts all broke yesterday; ours all broke a little too. We know that you have so many questions about graduation, prom, post-secondary...and all those things are weighing on you.

We don’t have the answers for many of your questions. But we can answer one question that many have asked, and let you know there will be grad clothing.

In fact, each member of the JMH grad class of 2020 will get a baseball-tee style grad shirt, at no cost. Yep—that’s right—it’s on us!

It is the least we can do for such an awesome group of young people, who make us smile and make us proud! We love you, Class of 2020! And we will continue to stick by you, even as we stay apart. 

Your Tommie Staff