Updated Schedule for Assessment Week (Jan 25-29)

Posted: January 7, 2021

Assessment Week Jan 25-29th 


Rather than the traditional "exam week", efforts have been made to maximize in-class instructional time for students.   For this reason, all JMH

students will attend regular classes during assessment week on their scheduled day (Track A, B and C) and may be: 

  • completing final exams/tests/assessments within their regularly scheduled class 
  • completing final projects within their regularly scheduled class 
  • having regular class with no final assessment or project 
  • completing interviews that may take place throughout the day at a time scheduled with the teacher 



In a limited number of classes, there will be traditional exams that will be scheduled during class time but that also may run over several periods or require students to come on their home-learning day. Students in these classes will be notified by the teacher and a schedule will be posted.  


Students coming on a home-learning day to write an exam may take the bus and if they do not have transportation may stay for the day in a designated area.  


The daily schedule for assessment week is as follows: 


Monday, Jan 25th        Track B/C 

Tuesday, Jan 26th        Track A/C 

Wednesday, Jan 27th Track B/C 

Thursday, Jan 28th       Track A/C 

Friday, Jan 29th            Track B/C 


Monday, Feb 1st Turnaround Day—no school for any students 

Tuesday, Feb 2nd Turnaround Day—no school for any students 


Wednesday, Feb 3rd First Day of Semester II 


Please keep an eye out for further information and schedules to be released next week.  In the event of weather cancellations, adjustments may be made to the schedule.