Bee - A - Friend Scholarship - DUE: May 22nd, 2020

Posted: May 1, 2020

Bee - A – Friend Scholarship


$250.00 Value – DUE: May 22nd, 2020


This scholarship is to honour the memory of Holly Moffatt a 2018 graduate of JMH.


Holly Moffatt was a bright, open- minded, positive, one- in- a million kind of person. She attended James. M. Hill Memorial High School for four years and was a part of the 2018 graduating class. Holly knew no strangers because to her everyone was a friend, whether she had met you once or had known you for years. She had this incredible ability to sense when someone needed a friend and she would be that friend; it was as if she had found you. As a close friend of Holly’s, I can say without a doubt everyone who had the pleasure of being her friend was blessed in many ways. You never had to worry about being alone if Holly was there because she would be the first person to invite you to join her group. She was a bright light at James. M. Hill that could brighten anyone’s day with her smile, encouraging word, or her compliments. Holly was an advocate for mental health awareness and was looking forward to becoming a child psychologist, so she could help others. Holly was a bagel lover, a bee enthusiast, and a true friend. Holly passed away May 21st, 2018 and is dearly missed. To honour her memory and her vibrant personality this scholarship valued at $250 will be given to a grade 12 student who:


           Is in a position to graduate


           Helps to create a positive and welcoming environment at James. M. Hill


           Has attended James. M. Hill for 4 years


           Has plans to attend college or university


Along with meeting the above requirements applicants must submit one (1) reference letter from a staff member at JMH and an essay with a maximum of 250 words. The essay should describe why they think they deserve this scholarship by including how they contribute to making a positive and welcoming environment at JMH. Whether it be an individual effort or as part of a club, some examples include, contributing to mental health initiatives, doing good deeds at JMH, doing random acts of kindness at JMH, reaching out to others within the school.


Please attach both your reference letter and essay and send an email to