Student Loan Information

Posted: May 2, 2022

**Please Note: This information was emailed out to students on April 11th, 2022 if you require direct access to the links**


Students can access a pre-recorded presentation titled “Student Financial Assistance for Full-Time Post-secondary Students” by going to the Student Financial Services website at  (see information / link in red font below located on the main page of the website). The pre-recorded presentation includes all the information that has been presented in past in-person or virtual sessions.  




If students and/or parents have questions after watching the pre-recorded presentation, they can register for a virtual Question and Answer Session via the Student Financial Services website (see information / link in red font above).  There are many Q & A Session dates and times available. Once a student clicks on the link above “To register for a virtual Student Financial Assistance Question and Answer sessionclick here”, it will bring them to the information page below.



Once the student click on “Register for one of the virtual Question and Answer Sessions”, they will be directed to an Eventbrite page where they can click on “Select a Date” to see a list of the available sessions.