Tuesday Feb 27, 2018

Posted: February 27, 2018

Physics 112

   no HW we had a quiz today on Distance, Displacement, Speed and Velocity.  Reminder to those students who were absent or didnt wrtie due to the math competition you will be writing on Thursday

Science 10

   Test on Friday on Chapter 9.  The review worksheet for anyone who was absent is posted below, also the answers to todays review sheet are posted below so you can check your answers and make sure you are on track for Friday's test.

Biology 112

   reminder tht Labs are due tomorrow. If you did not pass it in today during class make sure it is completed to pass in tomorrow.  

   Reminder of Quiz on Friday on Cellular Organelles.

Human Physiology 110

   Reminder of Quiz on Thursday on Wellness.  The answers to today's review sheet are posted below.