Tuesday Sept 10, 2019

Posted: September 10, 2019

Science 10

    Complete the Periodic Table Handout that was given in class today.  Notes from todays class are posted below. 

    Reminder Case Studies were due yesterday.   

Reading Tutor 120

   no HW we will continue our A-Z activity tomorrow

Human Physiology 110

   if you would like you can complete the life expectancy predictor at www.livingto100.com, the notes from today are posted below


Cross Country Athletes

   Registration Fee is $60 and Jersey Deposit is $25, both of these must be paid at the office ASAP.

   Students need to attend two meets before they are eligble for Regionals. The first meet is Sunday Sept 22nd @ ESN (Bathurst).    Students will be responsible to provide their own transportation to this event.  The race starts at 10:50 am, athletes should be there by 10am so they can warm up etc.  The men 14 years and older will run 6km, the ladies 14 years and older will run 4km at this event.  

   Once I have a date for the second invitational I will pass it along.

   Regionals are Sat Oct 12 at Bernice MacNaughton, transportation will be provided to this event.  Jr Boys and Girls will run 4km, Senior Boys and GIrls run 5km at regionals.  Stay tuned for further details about meeting time at the school.  The top 5 runners from the top 4 teams, plus individual runners up to 32 will qualify for provincials from each category.