April 20th

Posted: April 20, 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope you all got outside this weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather, I know I sure did!! 

For the next 2 weeks all of my classes (Phys Ed 9 & 10 and Nutrition 120) will be focusing on the following: 1) Continue to get a minimum of 1 hour a day of physical activity (with a minimum of a half an hour outside). Once again, this can include- walking, biking, hiking, jogging, yard work, playing catch, kicking around the soccer ball, shooting hoops, working on your slapshot, dancing, working out, etc. 2) For the 1st week I would like you to keep track of your daily screen time, that includes not only cell phone use, but tv, computer and video game time as well. For the 2nd week I would like you to try to reduce your screen time by a minimum of 1 hour a day. Please be sure to track your daily activity and screen time in a log book.

* Nutrition 120- I would like you to continue to log your meals on a daily basis and make a conscious effeort to make healthy choices whenever possible. I would also like for you to cook (or help a family member cook) at least one healthy meal for you and your family everyday. 

Have a great week Tommies!!

Mr. Burns