Eng 112 periods 1,2,3 and 4

Posted: March 21, 2017

World of the Play Research Project

You will be responsible for researching the playwright and the ―world‖ he/she lived in during the time he/she wrote the play. You will present your ―world of the playwright‖ report to the class with an oral presentation accompanied by at least one visual aid and also turn in a written outline or report. This information will be vital in our interpretation of the characters and the play.

Your research should include:

1. A brief background and history of the playwrights life and career (5 points)

2. A description of the world surrounding the playwright, specifically the historical, social, political and cultural influences of this time. Your report may include but not be limited to: wars/revolutions/political upheavals, change in government, scientific/religious/philosophical theories or discoveries, change in class structure, trends in gender roles, sexual identity, cultural influences such as entertainment, fashion, etc, as well as personal challenges or life changing events in the playwright's life. (10 points)

3. How did these factors affect the playwright and specifically influence his/her writing of this particular play (5 points(


Points will be taken off for mechanics, spelling etc.

Due Monday March 27