Parents of Eng 112

Posted: February 3, 2017

Parents of students enrolled in Eng 12 periods 1,2,3 and 4 please read.


Mr. Derek Hutchison BA, B.Ed, M.Ed.


506-778-6078 (James M. Hill)




Welcome to Mr. Hutchison’s classroom. It is my goal this year that all my students become involved in an engaging learning experience. You will notice that we will be innovative in the class while still maintaining the core principles of classroom structure.  In order for us to accomplish our goal this year there are several things you should know about the procedures of this classroom.


The Humanities Department 5 “Ps” of success




·         Be PREPARED- Be ready for class- Bring all materials and be on time. Students will not be permitted to leave class during the first 15 minutes of class or last 15 minutes.


·         Be POLITE to each other- Respect is key to a healthy classroom environment and every student and teacher will respect the opinions of others.


·         PARTICIPATE in class- students will be expected to guide the learning through discussion. They will participate in presentations, group work, projects and other learning activities.


·         Be PROMPT- Pass in materials on due dates at the start of class and not the end of class. Passing in at the end of class is considered late- The teacher will give enough time for each student to finish their work. If a student is unable to hand in assignments on the due date, they must talk with their teacher before the due date to request an extension. (Extensions will not be given if a student has not used the allotted time in a productive way.)


·          Late work will be deducted 20% for the first day it is late. After 1 day late a mark of 0% will be assigned.


·         Late work also includes be absent when an assignment is due.  With technology there is no excuse. For example, if you are absent and an assignment is due......... it is your responsibility to email it to the instructor.( on the due date!)


·         Be PRODUCTIVE- Stay on task to maximize learning time. Cell phones and other distractions will not be tolerated in the classroom. The teacher may use these personal devices for learning activities because they are tools that help students. However when they are not in use for a learning activity, cell phones should be put away. Staying on task is an important key to success.




  I acknowledge that I have read and understand the principles that will be upheld in this class:




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