PIF 9 - Écouter!

Posted: May 4, 2020

Bonjour mes amis!

Duolingo: You should be working on Level 4 of Duolingo at this point! Do 10-15 minutes a day, and this should be very attainable!

Écouter: This week, I have recorded a short story for you called ''Une soirée au cinéma''

Please listen to the story at least 3 times, and try to pick out the words you know to understand through context.

I do not expect you to understand every word, but would rather you understand the gist of the story.

Once you think you have a decent understanding of the story, please answer the following questions en français (phrases complètes)!

I know it is difficult to do on your own, but I am only asking that you try your best!!

Once you have finished the questions, you may email them to me at charlie.malson@nbed.nb.ca


1) Comment s'appelle mon ami?

2) Pourquoi est-ce que Sébastien ne veut pas regarder un film d'horreur?

3) Quel film est-ce que nous avons regardé au cinéma?

4) Quel genre est ce film?

5) Qu'est-ce que Sébastien mange pendant le film? 

6) Qu'est-ce que je bois pendant le film?

7) Qu'est-ce que Sébastien aime dans ce film?

8) À qui est-ce que je suggère ce film?