Friday, May 16th

Posted: May 16, 2014

Digi Pro 120 - Work on your 1 minute video project should by now, be in the editing phases. We present these next week.Eng 112 - All work to the end of chapter 7 needs to be completed (see the previous post for a microsoft document file on your chapter questions). Your test on chapters 1-7 is on Tuesday, study ALL terms, review main themes and symbols thus far.Eng 111 - Book 3 of The Iliad should be completed by now. Here is a list of assignments to date: Book 1 – Double entry journal – focus on Achilles and his Rage! When searching for effective quotes in the text, pay attention to (1) the actions of Achilleus, (2) his own words, and (3) what other characters say about Achilleus. Respond personally with observations, connections, and questions about these quotes. Book 2 - DEJ focus: the theme of “Kleos” – Honour and glory. In Greek times, this quality was paramount over all others, including personal safety and life itself. Agammemnon’s “test”. skim over pages 115-127, a detailed catalogue of troops on both sides Book 3 - DEJ focus: the Princes of Troy. Respond personally to quotes pertaining to both of the brothers. Particularly the paradox of the Princes (hahaha!) Creative Extension: Present, in a creative and unique way, some kind of small dramatic presentation of interactions between characters in one of the two following scenarios:            Option 1: the conversation between Chryses and Agamemnon in book 1             Option 2: the confrontation between Agamemnon and Achilles in book 1