Monday, March 10th

Posted: March 10, 2014

Digi Pro 120 -  There are many basic concepts that underly the field of design.  Just like any good rules, they have to be learned and understood before they can be broken.  Keeping these fundamental rules in mind when designing a graphic art project will make your project much more interesting, visually appealing and easy to consume. Although other principles of design exist, the 4 that we are going to focus on and discuss are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.   Using the internet as a resource define each of the 4 design principles.  Why are these principles important?  Find an example of a photo online that uses each principle.  Save each photo. Another important concept that you will come across in Digital Imaging is the Rule of Thirds.  Give a detailed explanation of the Rule of Thirds Put all of this information in a PowerPoint Your Powerpoint should include the following: Title Slide - Your name, Digital Technologies, Date (Value 1)4 Slides - Each slide should contain a definition of one of the Principles and a supporting picture. (Value 12)1 Slide - Should contain a detailed explanation of the Rule of Thirds and a supporting picture.(Value 2) Total 6 Slides - Value 15  Use the following website as a resource.  Do not use any of the pictures from this file in your Powerpoint