Wednesday, March 19th

Posted: March 19, 2014

Digi Pro 120 - Generic Magazine Cover Assignment   In this assignment you will have an opportunity to practice using text layers.  You will create a magazine cover that has several layers of text will different font styles, colors and sizes.   You will need to make use of your free transform tool as well. It will be important that you manage and name your layers.  Assignment requirements Your magazine cover must have: A title for your magazine choice of the attached photos and ONE copyright free image of your choice At least 4 different font styles At least 10 layers total (including text layers) A Barcode Date and price Choose one of the attached image files as the starting point for your magazine cover (there is also an image of a barcode that your need to add). This assignment will be graded on:  Meeting the requirements Design choices   Creativity  For previous class samples, follow this link:
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