Wednesday, Sept. 25th

Posted: September 25, 2013

Journalism 120 - All pairs should be working on their article for the class website the deadline on these articles is Friday, this week. Don't forget to include a feature image to go along with your article!   Eng 112 - Assigned yesterday, due Wednesday, Oct. 2nd. Organize your details from the stories. You are to write a 5 paragraph essay on the similarities between Edgar Allen Poe’s three stories: “Tell-Tale Heart”,  “The Black Cat” and “Cask of Amontillado”.   In order to discuss how these three stories are similar, feel free to use the following suggestions: -          Use direct examples from the stories (description, plot similarities, characters etc.) -          Use direct quotations from any of the three stories -          Compare Poe’s writing style. Examples may include his use of foreshadowing, suspense, irony, atmosphere, point of view, symbolism, etc.   Evaluation: Introduction - Provide a clear thesis statement, presented in an original way. Remember: a thesis statement clearly states the  purpose of the essay. Body      -        There should be 3 separate paragraphs which compare specific elements of the two stories. Possible paragraph ideas are: -          A paragraph on plot similarities. -          A  paragraph on Poe’s writing style the types of figures of speech he uses -          A paragraph on Poe’s use of figurative language (suspense, foreshadowing, atmosphere -          A paragraph which includes contrasts (differences) can be used as well. -          you should be able to support your comparisons using quotes or direct examples from the stories. Conclusion - Give a restatement of the original purpose. It helps to mention the points covered in the body of the essay and tie up remaining loose ends. (ask yourself: have I accomplished what I had originally intended when I started writing? Have I met my objectives stated in the purpose?).