December 15th

Posted: December 14, 2009

Period 1 - Multimedia 120 -  Find sound effects for your script and begin recording. Period 2 - Broadcast Journalism - Work on Feature Story. Period 4 - Info Tech - Finish Excel Assignment 5. Study Block- Room A108 Period 6 - Digital Sound - Visit the following for MBOX Basics After you successfully get your signal into your computer refer to the section titled Recording a Protools Session to begin your session.  Choose 16 Bit for Bit Depth and 44.1khz for Sample Rate.  Begin Working on Protools Assignment.  Your finished product should include the following: A minimum of 4 Tracks At least one Midi track Should be a minimum of 2 Minutes in Length Be sure to monitor your recording with headphones to ensure that you are capturing high quality audio and avoid clipping.