Monday, April 26th

Posted: April 26, 2010

Period 2 - Multimedia 120 - Submit Dreamweaver final project. Finish, print and pass in Web_2.0assignment.doc Period 3 - Computer Science 110  - Finish IF statment activites and work on Unit 13 final project (blackjack) Period 4 - Comp Sci/Acct 120 - Work on Course Material Study Block- Room A108.  Period 6 - Digital Sound - Finish sdintroassign.doc. Begin Sound Design of 1 Minute Video.  Start by downloading and saving the FoleySoundPlanningSheet.doc to your my documents.  View SDTemplatecompleted.doc as a guide for completing your planning sheet.  Use your planning sheet as a guide/plan for your project.  It will be collected and marked as part of your project.   After you finish the planning sheet.  Create a new Adobe Audtion project and import your video into your clip viewer.  Click and drag your video track into your project.  Click Window > Video to view the video player.  Begin to add sound effects to your project.
Microsoft Office document icon SDTemplatecompleted.doc30 KB