Monday, May 3rd

Posted: May 3, 2010

Period 2 - Multimedia 120 - Adobe Premiere Lesson (Multilayer Video)  Finish Rhyan Wakes Up Video Requirements:1. Use of in and out points to add video to timeline2. Effective use of transitions3. Titles - Beginning (still) and Ending (rolling) - attractive colour and font4. Proper Volume adjustment (“That’s good coffee”)5. Sound effect and music6. Use of keyframes (Opacity & Volume)7. Creation of intro with 4 layers of video Period 3 - Computer Science 110  - Finish the Sandwich Maker Period 4 - Comp Sci/Acct 120 - Work on Course Material Study Block- Room A108.  Period 6 - Digital Sound - Finish FoleySoundPlanningSheet.doc. Work on Sound Design of Video.