October 2nd

Posted: October 1, 2009

Period 1 - Multimedia 120 - Our next Unit of study is Webdesign which we will be begin discussing on Monday.  Download the attachment below titled internetassignmenta.doc and begin working on the questions in it.    Period 2 - Broadcast Journalism - Finish Photojournalism Introductory Assignment.  Your blogs have now been moderated through and now appear on our site http://dt16community.nbed.nb.ca/report/bloggerlist  As discussed in class blogging is all about creating conversations.  Read through the blogs posted by your classmates and choose a minimum of two blogs and write detailed responses to them.  To post your responses click Add New Comment at the bottom of the post. Period 4 - Info Tech - Continue working on Word Assignment 3. Study Block - Room 319 Period 6 - Digital Sound - Continue working on Audacity Assignment.  Bonus:  Remix 2 separate songs into 1.
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