Tech Support Multimedia Project

Posted: May 23, 2012

Create a Photostory, video or audio presentation that demonstrates concepts about ONE the following areas we covered in class: History of ComputersSafety in the Computer Lab (Tool Safety, ESD Prevention)Hardware Components (How to replace/upgrade components in your computer) Operating System (which one is better?)MAC VS PC (Which is better?)Computer networking (Security, remotely accessing a computer)The Internet (Discuss good and bad websites)Review of a new piece of equipment (Video Card, Sound Card) Other Ideas may be approved Your project should be between approx 3 minutes in length. Planning is very important for this project.  You should have either a shot list or storyboard and script.   Steps to complete Assignment Decide on groups (MAX 2)Decide on TopicWrite ScriptPlan recording (Shot List or Storyboard)RecordEdit ExportScreen SamplesVideo Card Review - Card Review - VS Mac - Evaluation EffortCreativityEvidence of Planning (Final project proposal sheet, script, storyboard)Quality of finished product Value 75   Alternate Assignment - Write a 6 page paper related to Tech Support. (Topic must be approved)
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