Tuesday, April 27th

Posted: April 26, 2010

Period 2 - Multimedia 120 - Finish, print and pass in Web_2.0assignment.doc Web 2.0 Assignment - Part B Visit the following Links and Answer the questions below http://www.pcworld.com/article/194866/facebooks_new_features_and_your_pr... http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/04/26/getting-control-of-your-facebook-... Give a detailed description of the 5 new Facebook features discussed in the article.  (Value 10) Explain how the new changes to Facebook impact the users of the websites privacy. (Value 5) Do you agree or disagree with the new changes to Facbooks Privacy settings? Why or Why not? (Value 5) Value 20 Period 3 - Computer Science 110  - Finish Unit 13 final project (Blackjack) From the Conditional Statements Handout complete Question 6 (The Printing Place) and Question 7 (The Sandwich Maker) Period 4 - Comp Sci/Acct 120 - Work on Course Material Study Block- Room A108.  Period 6 - Digital Sound - Submit sdintroassign.doc (Due Today)  Work on FoleySoundPlanningSheet.doc. View SDTemplatecompleted.doc as a guide for completing your planning sheet.