October 14, 2010

Posted: October 14, 2010

Law 120 Any students who have not finished their assignment on "Walter and Cecil: You be the Judge" (Ques 12, p.158) should do so for homework.   History 112 The July Crisis: Can you Stop the Great War? Students were placed in small groups and are assigned a country.  They must create a presentation (for Monday, Oct 18th) based on the issues that may be pushing their country into war in July of 1914.  On Tuesday, after all groups have presented, we will hold a "peace conference" to try to prevent war.   History 113 WWI--You Make the Grade Students will make up test questions (and answer those questions) as part of an assessment piece on the Great War.  This allows students to (1) review key concepts and (2) practice selecting what is important in a unit.