Where are we now???

Posted: April 4, 2011

History 113: The Atomic Bomb Students have a project due on WWII.  They had a choice of topics/formats.  Most students have these completed and passed in. Tomorrow we will be looking at the American decision to drop the atomic bomb.  Students will have notes and questions to complete.   History 111: The Work Plan I have created a calendar that lays out a work plan for the rest of the semester, to keep us on track and to ensure students know what needs to be done. We are filming a silent movie to meet the outcomes in the curriculum for this unit.  Students will demonstrate understanding of both the destruction and the impact of the war on individuals and society.   History 112: WWI UNIT TEST Tomorrow on World War I   Law 120 Students should complete the chart and scene scenario from the textbook.  Due no later than the beginning of class on Wednesday, April 6th. Next up: Investigation and Arrest!